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Why should I buy my art from Gallerima?

Why should you buy your artwork on Gallerima and not directly from the artist or gallery that you just found on Instagram or Facebook? Well, it’s quite simple. We guarantee the safety of all purchases happening on Gallerima, we use an escrow system meaning that when you buy a painting the money will be sent to an independent account and will be held there until you have received and approved the painting you bought and after that, the money will be released to the artist or the gallery, and if the artists or the gallery have provided incorrect information you have 14 days to regret your purchase and get a free return.

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Art that tells a story

Buy art that tells a story

Find artworks with strong meaning - focusing on the story behind them.

Artists that inspires

Find artists that inspire

get to know them through their unique personal stories and expressions.

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Discover a wide range of art

No matter if you're looking for paintings, sculptures or digital art. You can find it from all over the world on Gallerima.

Tell the story of your art

Gallerima is all about the story of your art and your craft. We give you and other artists an exclusive opportunity to tell your art-tale while at the same time selling your artwork to a global audience ranging from art fanatics to interior designers. Our international marketplace allows artists to share the feelings and thoughts behind their art through videos, slideshows and more. Our artists can simply present their art in an entirely new way. And if you are a buyer, that means you can now explore uncharted art territories and enjoy true eye candy like never before.

Find artwork with a message

If you are hungry for great artwork with a message, Gallerima is the art heaven of your wildest dreams. Our wide range of artwork spans all the way from pristine prints and abstract paintings with a social message to timeless original sculptures and powerful photography. Take a deep dive down in Gallerima’s world of top talent artistry and explore pieces that are guaranteed to take your breath away. How about buying your very first 3D printed masterpiece or explore unique and affordable art on sale? Gallerima will take you places previously unvisited. No matter if you want to binge on the latest drawing collections or share your interpretation of your favorite artwork, our online store is as inspiring as the universe itself.

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