Earn money on your art online

Join Gallerima as an artist and gain the opportunity to share your artwork and their stories. The sky is the limit! No transaction fees and 24/7 customer support available.

Why sell on Gallerima?

Art that tells a story

Tell your unique story

Every artist has their own story. Tell yours to the world.

global artworks

Reach a global audience

Let people from all around the globe discover your artwork.

art community

Join a growing art community

Our goal is to make artists like you grow. In a community of other creatives.

The application process

1) Register or login

Get started by creating your account or log in to Gallerima

2) Tell us about yourself

We want to know who you are and your unique story as an artist. Also, feel free to include links to your social media.

3) Well get back to you

When we’ve received your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible when approving your artist profile.

4) Upload artwork and start to sell!

Upload the artworks that you are most proud of. All of them should be originals of course. Make sure your uploaded pictures are of great quality.

5) Get paid for your sales

Our commission model:

To start off it is and always will be completely free to upload your art and having it on Gallerima, and the Gallerima commission model works in favour of the artists giving the financial gain to the artists, not to large auction houses. If you promote your own artwork and someone buys your work through your link you will pay 0% commission!

You might say, but what if I promote my art on social media and someone enters my link but end up buying someone else’s art on Gallerima? Do not worry, if someone buys another artists work on Gallerima through your page you will receive a 15% commission of the sale!

So you can make money off Gallerima without even selling anything!

If the sale is generated through Gallerima then we will only charge 25% commission which is half of what a gallery usually charges.

With Gallerima you can sell your art to the whole world in a cheap, fast, secure and easy way so you as an artist can focus on creating your amazing art!

Watch the video – How to sell your art online

  • Focus on what you love, let us do the marketing
  • Global exposure – reach international buyers
  • Upload your products for free
  • Lower commission than galleries
  • Join a rapidly growing art platform
  • Experience increased brand awareness
  • Be part of an art loving & inspirational community

Register or login to apply

Becoming an artist on Gallerima opens new doors for sharing and making money on your art.

Share your art online

If you search for the perfect place to share your art online, becoming a seller at Gallerima is the adventure you seek. When signing up for our platform, you join an art collective with artists from all around the globe. You get a chance to tell the full story of your artwork and therefore establish a unique connection with new fans and art buyers. 

Join an art community that stands out

When you become a Gallerima seller, you join an art community of artists that truly stands out from the competition. Gallerima is an art marketplace where the story behind your artwork gets a chance to shine through and reach its most interested audience. Your art comes from your heart, so we want to be that sacred space that really cares about its magic history and tale. There are many online art communities out there, but none that puts the craftsmanship, thoughts and feelings behind the artist on center stage like Gallerima does.   

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