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Are you an art Gallery that want to include your portfolio of artists? At Gallerima we welcome Art galleries to sell art online in our marketplace.

Gallerima for galleries

When you register on Gallerima as a gallery you will create the profiles of the artists you
represent, once you have filled in all their information and uploaded their artwork they all will
be visible under your gallery name. Your gallery will have a personal link to your site here on
Gallerima. You will be able to use this link in order to sell your art commission free.

More reasons why you should sell art on Gallerima

  1. Tell your unique story about your art in your artwork pages
  2. Sell to art lovers from all over the world
  3. Low commission fee – you get minimum 75% of all your sales income
  4. No transaction fees for you as an art gallery


Why join Gallerima as a gallery?

Our commission model

To start, it is and always will be completely free to upload your galleries artwork and having it on Gallerima, you will never pay a fee for that.

Secondly, our commission model is completely different from the other pages. If you promote your gallery’s artwork and someone buys the work through the your gallery’s personal link you will pay 0% commission!

You might say, but what if I promote my artists on social media and someone enters my link but end up buying someone else’s art on Gallerima? Do not worry, if someone buys another artists work on Gallerima through your page you will receive a 15% commission of the sale! So you can make money off Gallerima without even selling anything!

If the sale is generated through Gallerima then we will only charge 25% commission.

With Gallerima your gallery can reach an audience far larger than the people that are walking past it, and you will be able to sell your artwork in a cheap, fast, secure and safe way.

Join as an art gallery today

At Gallerima we welcome Art galleries to sell art online.

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