3 lifesaving things you need to know before buying art online 


So, you are looking into buying art online? Great, let me tell you why Gallerima.com is the safest and best option for you to do so. 

Wide range of art from all over the world

To start off, at Gallerima.com you will be able to find unique original artworks, prints, sculptures and much more made by independent artists from all over the world, everyone with their own unique story that they have expressed in their artwork

Don’t by art on Instagram and Facebook


But why should you got to Gallerima.com for buying art online and not directly from the artist that you just found on Instagram? Well, it’s quite simple. We guarantee the safety of all purchases happening on Gallerima.com, we use an escrow system meaning that when you buy a painting the money will be sent to an independent account and will be held there until you have received and approved the painting you bought and after that, the money will be released to the artist, and if the artists have provided incorrect information you have 14 days to regret your purchase and get a free return. 

Support the artist, don’t pay commission 


But why should I use Gallerima.com for this? The artist will just get less money and I want to support them. Well if you use artists own personal link and buy their painting through it we will not charge any commission but still offer you the same level of security. 
So, if you are looking for a place where you can safely buy incredible art from all over the world with a deep meaning and story behind it, you’ve found it. Head to Gallerima.com to find your new favorite artwork.