As an artist looking to sell your art in 2021, you know that a dedicated artist marketing blueprint can be the difference between making a living as an artist or having to keep your day job.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step artist marketing blueprint, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re giving you everything you need to know about branding yourself as an artist so that you can go forth confidently in selling your original artworks.

Are you ready to discover all the best tips and tricks for getting your art out there to the masses?

Without further adieu, let’s give them to you!

1.  It All Starts With Your Artist Statement and Bio

3rd Eye Drip by Ily Frills

Before you can get started marketing yourself as an artist, you must first define yourself as an artist.

In order to do this, you will need two key elements:

●     Artist Statement: 250 words that outlines your process, approach, and materials in creating your art. Use the first-person ‘I’ pronoun to describe your work, packing as much valuable information as possible into a short, readable paragraph

●     Artist Biography: 250 words or less to talk about where you live and work, art education, rewards and personal achievements, and significant in-progress or upcoming projects. Use the third-person ‘he/she/they’ pronouns, and stick to the facts about your personal artist history.

Your artist statement and biography will appear everywhere you submit your art, whether that be to galleries, local museums / art spaces, or your personal artists website.

For more in-depth advice as to how to write a compelling artist statement and bio, visit this article for more information.

2.  Build an Online Presence

Blue Hymnos by Alberto Balloca

In the modern world, most art transactions — especially for up-and-coming artists like you — take place on the internet.

If you’re not using your online presence to enhance your artist marketing blueprint, you’re not doing enough.

Here are the mediums we suggest you tap into:

●     Facebook: Don’t just post on your own Facebook page. Create a Facebook Group dedicated to your art and create a gallery, so that people can talk about your art publicly and generate organic interest.

●     Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter: Use these social media platforms to showcase your artwork, and research popular hashtags that people are searching for. Make sure to put a link in your bio to a place where people can browse and buy your artwork, so that you never miss out on an opportunity for a paying customer.

●     A Personal Artist Website: It’s easier than ever to make a beautiful artist website that showcases your work and allows for transactions. Check out Wix, Squarespace, and similar website-building platforms for beautifully pre-designed templates made specifically for artists. Make sure to have lots of examples of your work, your artist statement and biography, and great descriptions of individual pieces.

Once you have these staples in place, it’s time to start driving traffic to these mediums to get eyeballs on your work and optimize this portion of the artist marketing blueprint!

3.  Drive Traffic Through Content Marketing

Groupe Pouvoir

Content marketing is the hottest way to drive organic traffic to your social profiles and artist website. It’s a powerful tool — so it’s no wonder that artists everywhere are using it as part of their artist marketing blueprint.

But what is content marketing, anyway?

On a very basic level, it’s using different forms of content to garner attention for your primary content — the artwork you produce.

Some examples of this include:

●     Blogging: Build in a blog feature to your personal website, and talk about things that art buyers might be interested in. Do your best to deliver quality information and value, drawing on research and experience to create awesome posts that people want to read. At the end of each post, invite people to explore your portfolio and discover your work!

●     Youtube Videos: You could post time-lapse videos of you creating your artwork, discussions with peers, or whatever you feel like! Just make sure to link your personal website in the bio so that people who love the video have the opportunity to buy your art!

●     Podcasting: Podcasting is a competitive field, and you’re not going to stand out by just talking about art on a very general level. Try to push into a niche. Are you an abstract photographer? Maybe it’s time to start the first-ever abstract photography podcast. And remember, plug your own art!

●     Email List / Newsletter: Put an email plug-in on your artist website and add friends and family to an email list. Once a week, send out a newsletter that talks about your life as an artist, what you’ve been up to, etc. Include images of your artwork, and a link to buy at the end of the email.

Clearly, content marketing takes a lot of labor. You shouldn’t expect to use all these mediums — you’ll just get stretched too thin.

Instead, focus on a couple of these, and make the best content possible. Are you a strong writer? Do blog posts and an email list. More of a public speaker? Tap into Youtube and the podcasting space.

If you’re serious about content marketing, make sure to check out this article where we give you some of the most important mistakes to avoid when building your artist marketing blueprint with various content channels.

4.  Tap Into Online Marketplaces

The End Result by Ramana Moshiri

Building a comprehensive artist marketing blueprint is a lot of work, so why not take off some of the burden by letting someone else do it for you?

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