We get it — it can be confusing to market your art online.

While it’s no secret that the internet is one of the most powerful tools for visual artists like you to get your work out there, making the wrong marketing choices can lead to negative consequences.

In this article, we’re giving you four key mistakes to avoid to market your art online more effectively.

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1.   Relying too Heavily on Your Portfolio

Emelie Svens – Groupe pouvoir

As an artist trying to get your work out there, you’ve been told time and again that an amazing art portfolio is the most important element to market your art online.

But here’s the problem — potential buyers aren’t going to randomly stumble upon your artist portfolio. And if they do, they probably aren’t going to buy on their first visit.

How to Avoid This Mistake:

Link your art portfolio everywhere you can. In your social media bios, on art forums, and anywhere else that it might be appropriate.

And once you’ve got them there, “sell” them a free subscription. Put a newsletter plug-in on your site and send out emails that give insights into your creative process, blog posts, or video series of you producing art.

People love behind the scenes access, and content marketing is one of your most powerful tools. Build an audience that is consistently receiving your content — eventually that will lead them to buy!

2.   Over-posting on Social Media

Suzan Habib – Generation Z

If you’re not using social media to market your art online, then you aren’t doing enough to promote your personal brand as an artist.

But with a social media presence comes dangers.

We’ve all seen artists who seemingly post all day every day about their artwork, or even trivial happenings in their life.

By over-posting on social media, your followers become numb to what you’re saying. Instead of sticking around to notice your art, they just scroll on by, assuming that the post won’t deliver value into their lives.

How to Avoid This Mistake:

We’re not asking you to stop posting altogether. We’re just suggesting that you post the right amount to effectively market your art online.

Here’s a quick general guide:

Facebook: 2-3 posts per week

Instagram: 1-3 posts per week

Twitter: 1-2 tweets per day

With this strategy, you’ll pique interest and draw attention to your best work. It’s okay to post a funny video / insight every once in a while, but remember: first and foremost, you’re an artist.

3.   Mismanaging Your Email List

Bebe Whayu Hard Feelings

Sending your artwork and content directly to people’s inboxes is a great way to market your art online — but many artists fall into bad practices.

Here’s what we’ve seen unsuccessful artists do with their email list:

  • Adding People to their mailing list without permission
  • Sending out irrelevant / unnoteworthy content
  • Failing to put a ‘Call to Action’

When you do these things, people become put-off and are likely to never return to your work again. And if you add them without permission, you are quite literally breaking the law. Don’t do it.

How to Avoid This Mistake:

First off, you should only be sending out one email per week. As much as you believe in your art — people are busy — and bombarding their inbox is only going to make them unsubscribe.

When you do send out an email, feature a prominent image of one of your favorite artworks with a little bit of text (50-150 words) giving some insights and information about the project.

And then, hit them with a CALL TO ACTION at the end of an email that directs them to a landing page to buy your artwork.

P.S – Post scripts tend to perform really well on email campaigns. Use them to your advantage, and put a landing page link in there!

4.   Failing to Utilize Online Art Marketplaces

Cato – I’m Spiraling

You know that to market your art online, it takes a lot of labor.

So why not let someone else do some of the marketing for you?

Online art marketplaces bring together artists from around the world to reach a large pool of potential buyers that are visiting the website every single day.

And while doing your own marketing is important, if you’re not applying to have your art listed in online art marketplaces, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the art buying market.

How to Avoid This Mistake:

By applying to reputable online art marketplaces that work for you.

Seems pretty simple, right?

Well — that’s because it is! There is no catch.

Online art marketplaces are always on the hunt for talented up-and-coming artists like you to list on their platform.

Not only will you gain access to a whole new pool of buyers overnight, but being listed on sites like Gallerima is a great resume-builder.


Primo Piano Gallery

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of key mistakes to avoid when marketing your art online, and how you can go about correcting them.

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