Looking to shop for art online in 2021? With the New Year upon us, it’s time to put 2020 in the rearview and start looking towards the future of art. 

Introducing new art into your home is a great way to inject new personality and energy into your living space! 

There are many places to buy artworks, but shopping for art online is the best way to find pieces that truly speak to you. 

In this article, we’re giving you the top 5 reasons to buy art online through a reputable marketplace in 2021. 

Wider Variety of Artists 


When looking for a new piece of original artwork for your home, you want to make sure to find works that ignite inspiration and powerful energy. 

Art galleries limit the number of artists that are shown in their events, usually only sourcing from certain regions of the world. 

By shopping for art online, you can find dedicated artists from around the globe that have the freedom to sell the art they are most proud of. 

Don’t let a curator decide what art you have access to. 

Discover all the variety that the world’s artists have to offer! Shop for art online! 

Safe and Secure Purchases 

Online art marketplaces like Gallerima use an escrow system to ensure that every purchase you make it safe and secure. 

When you purchase a painting, we use an independent account to hold your money until you have received and approved the painting you bought. 

Only then will your money be released to the artist. If your painting doesn’t arrive as you expected—no sweat. You have 14 days to get a free return. 

Better for the Artists 


Shopping for art only not only benefits you, the buyer, it’s also a better deal for the artists. 

Art agents and gallerists take huge commissions on artists’ work just for putting them in shows. 

Shopping for art online cuts out the middleman and lets the artist—the person who has worked so hard on producing an original piece of artwork—be rewarded for their efforts. 

Online marketplaces also allow artists to get more exposure for their work, reaching a larger audience anywhere in the world. 

Support artists and shop for art online! 

Discover Different Mediums 

Online art marketplaces are awesome because they provide access to many different mediums of art, not just paintings. 

Whether you are looking for: 

You can find it all if you shop online! 

Pro Tip: Check out which mediums fit best in each room of your home here

It’s Fun to Shop For Art Online 


It’s no secret that online shopping can cure the lockdown blues. 

Shopping for art online is no different. 

Tired of starting at all the blank walls around your apartment or home? 

It’s time to inject life into the hallowed halls of your residence with some beautiful original artworks that are sure to boost your mood. 

Check out some types of paintings that you should consider for your home to get ideas! 

Conclusions – Shop for art in 2021

To shop for art online in 2021 has many benefits, including: 

  1. Access to a wider variety of artists compared to galleries 
  2. Safe and secure purchase methods using an escrow system 
  3. Better exposure and financial considerations for artists
  4. Ability to discover different mediums 
  5. It’s fun to shop for art online 

With lockdowns still set to be in place for the first chunk of 2021, don’t miss out on introducing new artworks into your living space. 

Looking for a place to get started to shop for art online? 

Look no further! 

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