Ah, life in the nude — is there a more freeing feeling?

In many societies, nakedness is a taboo subject. Many people might even consider it to be offensive.

Luckily for those of us with an aptitude for nudity, artists are willing to explore the human form through naked art.

In this article, we’ll take you through:

●     The ideologies behind contemporary naked art

●     How to display naked art

●     Where to find the best naked art

Let’s strip back our preconceived notions of body representation and dive into the world of naked art!

Ideas and Styles of Contemporary Naked Art

Last Supper by Kseniya Scher

History has run an interesting course when it comes to depicting nudity.

The earliest cave paintings typically always referenced the human body in the nude. But over time, as religious structures began to ban nudity as a symbol of lust, sin, and infidelity, there was a significant drought throughout the middle ages and Renaissance.

But naked art is making a comeback — in a big way.

Artists have always led the charge in reforming beliefs systems. Through art forms such as:

●     Paintings

●     Photographs

●     Sculptures

Artists have not only deconstructed and disestablished pre-existing ideas surrounding nudity; they have made them beautiful.

Contemporary artists tend to focus their efforts around three primary ideas:

●     Authentic Body Representation: In a glamour- and media-filled world that subjects use to unrealistic beauty standards on a daily basis, naked art is a haven for authentic body representation in all forms. By viewing subjects in the nude, we are able to better understand all the beautiful and subtle variations of every human body and recognize them as valuable.

●     Indulgence: As religious ideals surrounding sexuality continue to deteriorate throughout much of the modern world, ‘lust’ isn’t viewed as such a bad thing. Naked art allows for arousal and interest without the shameful connotations traditionally associated with nudity, opening the form for an entirely new art style to be displayed in your home.

●     Freedom: Contemporary naked art is the pinnacle of freedom. By depicting the body in its most natural state and form, both artist and viewer are set free to acknowledge the inherent beauty of the human form and obtain autonomy over the bodies in which we inhabit.

●     Truth: We all have bodies. Many of us share our bodies with others. To ignore this fact is impossible for many artists, who believe that the truth of our lived experience resides in our naked form. Stripped down, we are left with nothing but the simple fact: we have bodies, and they are beautiful!

How and Where to Display Naked Art

Learning To Fly by Erik Brede

Let’s be honest. For many of us, there is no wrong way to display naked art.

But for the sake of giving you some suggestions, here are some places we recommend.

●     The Bathroom: Where is the place that you are nude most often? Most likely in your bathroom. By displaying naked art in your powder room, you can embrace the sacred process of cleansing and noticing your body. For more ideas about bathroom art, click here.

●     The Kitchen: Food and the body are inherently and intimately linked. Food provides us with the nourishment to take care of our bodies, and naked art can serve as a beautiful reminder of that fact in your cookery. For more ideas about kitchen art, click here.

●     The Bedroom: Your bedroom already serves as an invitation for sexual exploration and arousal, so why not enhance the space with a piece of naked art? It’s the perfect way to set the mood.

You could also use a piece of naked art as a centerpiece in your living room! Talk about making a statement and setting the mood of your household!

Where to Find the Best Naked Art

Leo by Tomás Martín

When searching for naked artworks, you want to be sure that you are sourcing from artists with the right intent behind their work.

That’s why here at Gallerima, we only list artworks from artists that have a sparkling reputation for cultivating inspiring pieces that tell a larger story.

Whether you’re looking for photographs, paintings, or sculptures, we’ve got all the naked art for your home.

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