Glamour photography is a photographic style that breaks down boundaries.

In the contemporary art world, a heightened attention to representation and the body has led to an outpouring of incredible glamour photographs that bring an air of sensuality and romance to any space.

Perfect for the bedroom or powder room, glamour photography depicts its subjects in erotic poses spanning from fully clothed all the way to fully nude.

In this article, we’re investigating everything you need to know about glamour photography, as well as where you can find the best photos in the genre online.

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The New Wave of Glamour Photography

Learning To Fly by Erik Brede

Traditionally, glamour photography has been a genre reserved for models that meet unrealistic beauty standards.

Additionally, glamour photography has been generally dominated by composed images of a subject in a still position.

But all that is changing — fast.

With photographers around the world becoming increasingly concerned with body positivity and authentic representation, a new wave of glamour photography is making its mark on the art market.

In the past, photographers have used cosmetics, lighting, and airbrushing techniques to produce appealing images of the subject.

But the human body is complicated and beautiful in so many different ways, and artists are leading the revolution to a more true understanding of what erotic photography can be.

By introducing abstraction and color into glamour photography, artists are opening doors to stories that have never been told before.

The History of Glamour Photography in Media

Laundry Day by Ilvy

Standards and styles of glamour photography have radically changed over time to reflect social acceptances and tastes.

In the early 1920s, for example, photographers in the United States photographed celebrities to glamorize their appearance and stature to develop a dramatic effect that deeply provoked the public — both positively and negatively. 

At that time, representation of the nude or erotic body in any form was largely considered to be taboo. In this sense, glamour photography served as a pioneering force to breaking down barriers surrounding nudity in the media.

Until the 1950s, glamour photography in advertising and men’s magazine was highly controversial — if not illegal.

To circumvent this problem, many advertisers marked their publications as “art magazine” or “health magazines.”

Thus the inherent connection between art and glamour photography was born.

While early glamour photographers likely set out with the best of intentions in mind, marketers began weaponizing the human body as a means to sell products.

And now contemporary artists have responded.

In many cases, photographers will use elements of pop art to satirize advertiser’s body representations, drawing attention to the highly sexualized nature of American marketing.

But Americans were hardly the first people to produce glamour photography on a wide scale.

During the Victorian Age in Britain, erotic phtoographs and prints were sold in shops on Holywell street in London (which no longer exists today) and in printed literature. These photographs would have been considered equivalent to modern day pornography, and were generally exchanged discreetly to preserve societal status.

Victorians were obsessed with all things science, human anatomy included. This resulted in oftentimes mechanistic views of the body (especially females) passed off as science without passion of tenderness in the photographs.

However, art historians and critics recognize these Victorians photographs as early experiments with glamour photography as thinly disguised erotica.

Where to Buy Glamour Photography Online

Bonbonga by Ilvy

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