Federico Pinto (alias DiPinto) is an Italian abstract painter born in Orbetello on the cusp of summer on May 6th. He spent all his life between Porto Ercole, a small village by the sea in Tuscany and Eschenlohe in Germany where his father lives. Inspired by his father’s artistry, Pinto grew intimately closer to art himself.

“My father’s art was the key to a big world that will never cease to fascinate me” – Federico Pinto

By the end of his first year as an art student, Pinto realized his desire to expand his art beyond academic frames and chose to practice art as an independent artist outside of school instead. He approaches the production of art, not as a study, but as the making of the fruits we develop from continuous experiences in life that shape our personalities.

“I believe that every place conceals something and has its own energy. I like to explore, know and observe to enrich myself and naturally my production of art too” – Federico Pinto

Check Out This Video Showing DiPinto’s Creative Process

From initially painting with an informal and instinctive style influenced by artists like Alberto Burri and Jackson Pollock, Pinto later moved towards a more balanced approach with cleaner and geometric shapes inspired by painters such as Roberto Miniati and Armenian-American abstract expressionist Arshile Gorky. However, what remained consistent throughout his work’s journey is the special attention to the collaboration between different colors based on precise logic. 

“He primarily paints on instinct, starting from chaotic scenarios, then working on the composition to obtain harmony and balance between shapes and colors. His creations are an amalgamation of fullness and chromatism; bridges that connect experience to the research for novelty”  – Story of DiPinto on Gallerima

Pinto has exhibited his art in Italy and especially in Switzerland where he lived for two years. Switzerland was a significant place in regards to Pinto’s artistic development. His solo show in Zurich succeeded greatly in being an emotionally charged exhibition and networking opportunity where he met young artists who invited him into observing the working world of art from a wider lens. 

“Observe the masters of art; get closer and closer in order to understand their way. By looking at others we can understand who we really are” – Federico Pinto

Federico Pinto is one of our many talented independent artists with a generous collection of geometric abstractionism available on Gallerima, – ranging from the monochromatic “Silent Room” with flirtatious shades of orange to the classic DiPinto-esque play between harmonious color blocking and the formation of a peculiar arrangement out of smaller geometrical shapes in “Frosty”.

Totem by Dipinto

There is beauty in the crowded beaches, of naked people, to contrast the summer. There is hope in the frozen coktails, in the full alleys, in the missed kisses. And faster time passes, to remind us to live every moment.”

L’Alveare by DiPinto

“A mix of colors and soft shapes, to exalt a kingdom to us far, a world of animals. Balance is the key, everything is in place, without in any way affecting the others. If something stops working, everything stops and starts again together. A utopia of society.”

Artist’s Style Notes
“We can say that the pieces above are divided into two painting styles, “Netti” and “Materia”, which are the result of a long and lived path, made of soul, instinct and color always.

There is no preparation or sketches in my way of working. Inside every new painting, there is the hope that something miraculous will happen that can guide me to get the painting out without any rational action. It’s called automatic painting. This can fit perfectly to the style, “Materia” that has a quick gesture, automatic, a discharge of energies, a birth, a harmonic and geometric dance in relation to the natural rules of proportions. While for “Netti” it takes Russian rigor, patience, discipline, I have to work relaxed and with bated breath, a language of geometries and color in communication with each other.”