Ipek Cinar aka Ipec Chi is a Turkish oil painter born and raised in a city located on the banks of Porsuk River. Having the advantages of growing up in a city with a high educational standard and a supportive mother, Ipek started taking ballet and piano lessons with her sister at the age of 7. Art was central and alive in Ipek’s life from a very young age, but as she grew older she also grew away from it: studying at Istanbul Bilgi University and graduating in the Public Relations program in the faculty of communication.

“I worked in the private sector but always felt the absence of not being involved with anything related to art. After quitting my full time job, I took up graphic and animation studies and started to spend my time doing art…”

Very early in the journey of developing her style, it was important for Ipek to be open and not restrict herself to a single technique. Instead, she saw art as an adventure that could take her anywhere: a force in the direction of unknown places as well as a tool of protection against life’s severity. The idea of transformation is an essential element of Ipek’s art, as it aims to inspire the courage to face change.

Light and darkness both in their metaphorical and physical meaning is a consistent theme in Ipek’s art. Notions like loss, pain, inequality and war are explored and dissected alongside happier sentiments. Dualities, mythology, literature, astronomy, estericism, films and people are grounds that Ipek passionately builds her work from. One of her peculiarities is the love of movement: achieving visual representations of illusion through mixing different elements in her compositions and integrating colors that contrast for more depth.“My art is a healing process: a place of refuge; a space for freedom where I can recreate some other level of reality. While I’m creating an artwork I’m creating an experience for the observer as well. It’s the sum of feelings that can be transferred to the viewer, for them to experience according to their own interpretation”

Ipek Chi

Watch Ipek in the studio

Out of several projects across Europe and exhibitions from Istanbul to London, Ipek’s most memorable one was her seaside solo exhibition wherein she shared her art space with her mother who showcased her work as well. As an eternal student of the craft, the future bears endless possibilities for Ipek.

“I can enjoy anyone’s artwork which sparks an emotion in me, doesn’t matter if they’re established or not. I enjoy seeing different kinds of artwork; that doesn’t have to be tied to any particular style; if I should name any, I find Zio Ziegler’s improvised works impressive; combining patterns, figures and repetitive motifs, full of rich allegories. Old masters such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci will always be my favorites.”

In Ipek Chi’s art, more is more. She continues to create new and spectacular worlds through her oil paintings: Each piece enters another dimension within the observer. The collage-like paintings incorporate a beautiful use of symbolism, fantasy and portrayal. Not afraid of color nor imagination, Ipek Chi keeps unlocking creative universes for us to explore on Gallerima.


Infinity Love by Ipek Chi

“Never ending dance of life and death.. Transformation is essential in this continuous cycle;  a silk worm turns into a beautiful butterfly as a result of metamorphosis, lizard symbolizes resurrection, guardianship, rebirth, good fortune and prosperity. This painting depicts the continuous cycle of life and rebirth.”

Birds of Venus by Ipek Chi

“I’ve imagined Boticelli’s inspiring Venus, in a familiar but somewhat eccentric world of metaphorical references. Venus has been settled in between worlds, where the sunflowers represent endless hope, eternal love and light. Birds substitute for goddesses, representing the infinity of the soul, the speed of the thoughts; the colored feathers represent courage, honor and victory.”

Go Within by Ipek Chi

“Are we courageous enough to see ourselves for who we truly are? We have to question what is hidden behind our motivations, how we should overcome our obstacles and heal ourselves in order to heal the world.”