Our workers in art are treasured and their contributions are constant motivations to our own creativity in our everyday lives. We want everybody to honor the art that has given the world more eyes, more heart and more knowledge since the dawn of time. We’ve collected three great art ideas that will make you connect more with art, help stimulate your creative growth and celebrate art as a craft. 
Put It All On The Line

Cracked David by The Artist Times

If you’re new to art with a desire for creative growth or genuinely appreciate minimalist art, then line art is the perfect choice.

Line art is illustrations consisting of basic strokes of different weights and angles to form certain forms and depths. The only focus is on the lines, and there aren’t any shadings or gradients found. Line art has range and means alot more than just connecting the dots; lines can be two dimensional, three dimensional, abstract, descriptive or figurative. Lines can be straight or curved with thick or thin effects, some line artworks are light and sketch-styled while others are more detailed and dramatic. The point is, you can create the type of line art that suits you. By discovering and exploring different techniques, line art can truly express the creativity that reflects your personality and preferences.

Types of lines in line art:

Actual lines: Using real lines that physically exist

Geometric lines: Mathematically strategic lines with consistent patterns and sharp edges

Organic lines: Irregular, curved and fluid lines that are similar to nature’s unpredictable shapes

Tromali by Loué Hugues Dominique

Line art isn’t just sophisticated and interesting on its own as a primary technique, it can be a great stepping stone to more advanced methods of creation such as paintings or digital art. It’s said to be the basis of any good work of art, because when you master line art you master the structure upon which you build any masterpiece.

Here are different exercises to use to help you improve in line art:

Blind contour drawing: This exercise will help you strengthen your sense of shape, by drawing an object without looking at the paper. It’s not about drawing something realistic or exact, it’s about sharpening your observation and connection.

Gesture drawing: Make a time limited drawing of something with the intent of capturing the essence of the object in question, not its details. Set the timer to 60 seconds and draw as expressively and fast as you can.

Continuous line drawing: Draw a line to form the shape of something without lifting your pen from the paper. By drawing an endless line that may overlap to capture the image of an object will challenge your creativity, convey a lot of fluidity and hold emotion.

Non-dominant hand drawing: Draw from the hand that is least used to it. By creating with the hand that has least practice, you pay even more attention to the rhythm and thought behind each stroke.

Two Souls by The Artist Times

You’ve Got Art-Mail

Chinatown by Tribu Art

My favorite at-home art idea is postcards. Personalized postcards are one of those small but priceless ways of keeping connections alive. The gesture of sending a postcard is so meaningful, and the different ways of making them guarantee a versatile range of creative touches.

Here are some different kinds of postcards:

Print postcards: This one is easy. If you have a polaroid picture or a special print, just write a special note on the back and send it to your desired person. A print can bring memories alive or reveal a specific sentiment, it can even be a print by an artist that you love. For inspiration and beautiful options, take a look at the collection of prints on Gallerima.

Typographic postcards:
It’s not always about the images, sometimes words say more. A postcard that already has you falling in love at first sight, is a beautiful one. For example, choose a photo you like on your computer and insert a text onto it that conveys a funny greeting or a sweet quote: giving spotlight to the words and keeping the image in the background. Or, just let a handwritten message on a blank piece of thick paper be the card.

Handmade postcards: You don’t have to be a pro to make a handmade postcard, you decide exactly how far you want to take it. Designing your own postcard shows the receiver how much you care by taking the time and effort, but it’s also a way for you to zone out and find some momentary peace during the process. This one is the gift that gives on both ends.

There are different ways to do this. Watercolors on coloring-paper are always forgiving and fun, especially abstract watercoloring offers endless possibilities. If you want to do a drawing instead, there are tons of objects and techniques to choose from. You can even design a postcard with stickers and collages that combine more than one emotion. 

Collage II by Gutu

In The “Plein-air”

Abstraction 35 by Kestitus

It’s the perfect opportunity to find the beauty in nature and enjoy the serenity that comes with landscape painting from direct observation. Go to your favorite location with a loved one or alone and start creating without any restriction of fantasy; paint in the open air, or as the french say “en plein air”. You’re free to interpret what’s in front of you as you wish, that’s what’s so great about painting; it’s about communicating reality from the lens of your own creative mind.

“A landscape painting is not necessarily a representation of a landscape, but rather something that, in being constructed out of pieces of representation, or possibly just echoes of former representations, kindles an experience of its own – one that, as those fragments of resemblance suggest, is somehow like an experience of nature” – Barry Schwabsky

Wandering Cloud Over The Hill by Mykola Ampilogov

I know the title says “at-home”, but nature kind of is – home. Making art out of nature while being in it is a wonderful and meditative experience that gives you huge access to yourself through the world.

Last words
We hope you celebrate Labor Day with one of these creative and fun ideas that anybody will appreciate. Whether you send your friend a personalized postcard, document the beauty in nature in the open air or choose to challenge your creativity with line art – we love any work that’s artwork!