Sebastian Osterhaus is a natural-born painter and art graduate who grew up in the very rural Tecklenburger Land in Germany. Art is a part of Osterhaus’s earliest childhood memories and it was only natural for him as a teenager to want to learn art on a professional level. This journey began at the University of Osnabrück: After graduating with a master’s degree in art theory and art history, Osterhaus moved to Dresden where he studied painting and graphic art at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste. After his diploma, he successfully completed a two-year master class and has been living in Münster since 2014.

“The nature of my artistic creation gives an insight into the world as I not only see it, but above all, feel it. To be able to express it in this way has always been the greatest privilege of my profession, which has primarily led me to art. The sometimes confusing, challenging and overwhelming variety of impressions that we humans encounter in nature and in life, I try to transform into an enrichment through my artistic work, detached from limitations of content.”

To be able to meet the challenge of capturing truth and understanding people’s place in the world through his work, Osterhaus uses cross-media and cross-genre display options that correspond with his concern for contemporary, powerful and innovative art. One of the ways that Osterhaus stimulates his level of creativity is by finding different angles, translations and figurations of topics that touch on the relationship between humans, animals and nature. Drawing inspiration from literature and history as well as current politics and traditional folk culture, Osterhaus uses a variety of techniques to playfully form a dialogue with the viewer.

Throughout his career, Osterhaus has fought against the art market’s tendency to maintain a certain stagnation in terms of content and techniques. By not fearing change and channeling the courage to always implement new ideas into his art, Osterhaus has stayed true to his desire to be constantly developing as an artist.

“I always strive for change and want to discover and develop something new for myself in every painting. This search for the new drives me very much. I love to develop and do what I feel like doing, not what galleries or collectors expect of me.”

Sebastian Osterhaus In His Studio

Watch Sebastian Osterhaus in the studio

Over the last 15 years, Osterhaus has been involved in many exhibitions and projects filled with memorable moments. Out of the wide selection, his solo exhibition was the most growth-enhancing and touching as it was organized in combination with a fundraising campaign for helping the homeless in Münster.

“I think it’s important to break out of this … cage of classic exhibitions in order to really bring art closer to the people”

Sebastian Osterhaus’s portfolio on Gallerima is a testimony to his path and artistic devotion to authenticity. In his signature style – Osterhaus shows a beautiful range of oil paintings depicting humans intertwined with nature’s wonder through the use of muddy strokes and earthy colors creating a thoughtful, soft and constructed yet fluid atmosphere – an ode to change, transformation and feeling.


Umschlungen/Embraces by Sebastian Osterhaus

“The oil painting Upheaval/Umbruch is one of several works that address the theme of the endless cycle of things. In the painting there is hope and finiteness, upheaval and downfall of everything. Thematically, the work is an artistic invitation to rethink. Man destroys and sets himself above nature, he exhausts the resources that the planet makes available to him. This is a very selfish way of life that we must not allow ourselves. We have to rethink and break with the way we have lived so far. This is one of the messages conveyed in the picture.”

Umbruch/Change by Sebastian Osterhaus

“The work Change/Umbruch describes the fast pace and transience of things in a very dynamic and constructed landscape. Change = Departure”

Verlauf/Process by Sebastian Osterhaus

“The oil painting Process/Verlauf shows a portrait of a woman framed by three flamingos. The portrait has a special meaning for me because it shows the contradictory nature of our being and character. While one half of the face spreads strength and clarity, the other half of the face appears introverted. An interplay between a strong and introverted character. But it is precisely this contradictoriness that gives us humans hope.”

Blattwerk/Foliage by Sebastian Osterhaus

“The work Foliage/Blattwerk shows a sequence-like representation of superimposed branches and leaves. Thematically the work is about the cycle of things.”