When it comes to designing your home, beautiful art can bring the space to life. Buying your art online is a great way to discover a wide range of artists that speak to you from across the world.

Whether you are looking for an oil painting, a striking piece of photography, or a stunning print, there are pieces of art out there that will inspire you. 

Enlivening your walls with paintings and other forms of visual art can breathe personality into your home while making each room feel unique and dedicated. 

In this article, we’re going to talk through each room of your house, and give you some ideas as to what types of art might fit best. 

Let’s get into it. 

Subtlety for the Kitchen  


In many cultures, the kitchen is known as the heart of the home. 

And yet, the kitchen tends to be a place where artwork is forgotten. Adding art to your kitchen is a great way to enliven one of the most used rooms in your home, especially because there is so much potential in the space

Consider empty countertops and areas above cabinets as a potential opportunity for outstanding art. 

In the kitchen, art is best used as a detail rather than a unifying piece. Look for smaller pieces that won’t overwhelm the eye, serving as a complimentary decoration. 

Prints tend to fit in very well in the kitchen due to their smaller size and wide array of designs. You can go abstract or anecdotal, adding pieces that speak through unique color schemes that fit in with your kitchen’s attitude. 

Tranquility and Thoughtfulness in the Bedroom 


The bedroom in your home is a haven—a place to relax and be at peace. 

The artwork in your bedroom should reflect that energy. The optimal places for art in the bedroom are directly over the bed or the wall across from the bed. 

Unlike the kitchen, large scale pieces tend to fit in better. You want a piece of art to capture the spirit of the bedroom. 

Large oil paintings and abstract paintings are a great place to start when searching for a piece of art online for your bedroom. These can help to inject a mood of peace and well-being into your relaxation space. 

Keep the framing minimal. Gallery frames or canvases usually work very well. The piece of art itself should be the focus; not the vessel in which it resides. 

Boldness in The Living Room 


It can be intimidating at first to decorate the living room. It is, after all, one of the most commonly used spaces in the home, and a gathering place that brings people together. 

Selecting the right piece of art for your living room is all about the vibe you are trying to set

A moving piece of photography that authentically speaks the energy you are seeking to cultivate in your home can be a wonderful addition to the space. Landscape paintings also work well. 

Think big. Instead of adding a multitude of smaller pieces that can make the face feel cluttered and unfocused, dedicate your energy to two or three large pieces that work well together. 

Depending on the other decor and build of your home, the living room can be an exciting space to implement a modern painting. Contemporary paintings can help to speak to the current moment in your life, and project an air of understanding. 

Restorative Energy in the Bathroom 


The bathroom shall not be forgotten. 

In shared bathroom and powder rooms, stick to fun and bright pieces that energize your guests as they take a break from the action. 

For the master bath, serene and calming pieces can work to cultivate an ambiance of wellness and self-care. 

Sculptures also work beautifully in the bathroom space, bringing a three-dimensional aspect that reminds us that we are alive. 

Don’t let your bathroom feel stoic and neglected. There is a ton of great art for sale online that will make your powder room stand out. 

Inspiration in the Office 


The office represents productivity and a willingness to get things done. 

Why not treat the space as a mood board that optimizes your productivity? 

The office is a great place for playfulness; for finding art that speaks to you. Maybe you want a collection of paintings on the wall, or an array of prints that capture your energy field. 

The office is also an opportunity to dedicate the space to a specific artist to make the space feel cohesive. An artist has put a ton of labor into their work, which can serve as an inspiration for you to feel similarly inclined to produce what you love. 


Adding thoughtful artwork to your home is a great way to enliven the space. 

Remember: you should only buy art that speaks to you. A painting is only as valuable as the energy it projects. 

Rooms in your home can speak differently. As you begin to understand your tastes more thoroughly, a cohesive story will come together through the art on your walls. 

Gallerima has a vast collection of all types of art that can invigorate your home. You can buy art that tells your unique story, find artists that inspire you, and discover a wide range of art from across the world. 

Buying art online is a great way to expand your horizons and find art that cultivates the mood you seek in your living areas. 

It’s time to start shopping around and find the pieces that make your home a wondrous space filled with captivating art!