Guys let us be honest, just having a well-executed artwork is not enough to bring in the sale, there are millions of people that already have that, you need something that makes your artwork stand out from the crowd, and that something is a killer description.

Here are a few simple steps for you to follow when writing your artwork to make it stand out and make the buyer yell ‘’TAKE MY MONEY’.


Let the buyer in on your creative process. What goes into your head when creating your art? What materials are you using and why? 


Now this is where you separate yourself from the rest because no one has your story so share it with the world and make you and your art stand out! Art is about telling a story, delivering a message so why should you not share the story of your artwork? Describe what made you paint this particular work, tell them what inspired you, tell them what events in your life have led you to create this artwork. We all know the saying ‘’sex sells’’ but those times have passed, it is stories that sell now, so tell the world your story and sell your art! 


In today’s modern digital world it is easy to get lost amongst the millions of other people trying to sell their work online, in order for your work to stand out on google searches it is incredibly important for you to use effective keywords that describe such elements as, medium, subject, predominant colors, mood, materials, and anything else that is distinctive or recognizable in the artwork. Doing this will help you get noticed online through search engines. 


Okay so we have the killer description that will make buyers throw money at you, but there’s one thing you can do to increase your chances for buyers to see your amazing description and artwork. That is to create your own personal URL which you can do on Gallerima.com in order to have your own specialized link that you can use in your social media to market yourself so buyers can go directly from your social media to your page on Gallerima, it will also work for search engine optimization so buyers can easily find your work when searching on Google.