Hyperrealism is an extremely inventive and dynamic art form that has revolutionized the contemporary art landscape.

The art style combines elements of photography with painting and sculpture to create unique pieces that take on an entirely new personality all their own, making for stunning original pieces that tell a story.

In this article, we’re investigating hyperrealism as a culmination of art forms.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Hyperrealism?

The Butterfly Effect by Yigit Dundar

Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and sculpture that closely resembles a high-resolution photograph. Evolving from pop art, the photorealistic style is precise and sharply mechanical with a focus on reinventing mundane, everyday imagery into something brand new.

The term is primarily applied to the independent art movement that emerged in the early 1970s and has been developing ever since.

Hyperrealist paintings are interpretations of photographs — but by no means are those interpretations strict. In fact, many of the works apply abstract elements to convey a larger meaning that exists outside the realm of reality.

The hyperrealist style focuses its emphasis on particular details and the subjects of the images. The artists that participate in this method use subtle pictorial additions to create an illusion of reality that cannot be naturally seen by the human eye.

Although photographic in essence, hyperrealist works entail softer, more complex focus on the subject being depicted.

The result?

A living, tangible object that isn’t real at all.

Themes of Hyperrealism

Pretty in Pink by Oksana Vinnichenko

Subject matter in hyperrealism ranges from:

Contemporary hyperrealists tend to be particularly concerned with themes that have social, cultural, or political implications.

Hyperrealist artists seek to stimulate and improve upon precise photographic images. In doing so, they are able to produce optically convincing visual illusions of reality as we know it, often in a context that speaks to larger social or cultural issues.

Works of hyperrealism have been used to explore totalitarian regimes in third world countries, tell the story of the Holocaust, and tell stories of genocide. The power and potential that this type of artwork holds to create social and political change is unmatched!

Styles & Methods of Hyperrealism

Hyperrealist painters and sculptors indulge themselves into allowance for mechanical means for transferring images to the canvas or mold.

In many cases, photographic slide projectors for multimedia projectors are utilized to project images onto the canvas. From there, artists will call on foundation techniques such as gridding to ensure accuracy before making their additions to the piece.

Hyperrealism is a notoriously difficult art style to pull off. It requires an extremely high level of technical prowess to pull off a piece that truly impresses to simulate and stimulate a false reality.

When you gaze upon a hyperrealist painting, you’re likely to first recognize it as a real photograph with additional elements.

But on closer inspection, you’ll notice that subjects are not actually photographs themselves, but rather starkly accurate impressions of them.

Hyperrealists are at play.

They play with depth, focus, perspective, and range. They implement subtle yet profound anomalies that displace the viewer’s understanding of reality.

In short, the art form is all about combining precise technical abilities with a creative vision that spans beyond what a photograph can be.

There’s simply no other art form out there that takes as much skill and creativity!

Where to Find the Best Hyperrealist Art

From Death to Deathlessness by Yigit Dundar

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