Sarah Arensi is an abstract Italian painter and spiritual artist who has worked alongside great masters with over 20 years of experience on the international scene in theater, film, fine art and spirituality.

“I co-create my paintings together with life” – Sarah Arensi

Arensi attended the Brera Fine Arts Academy and Theatre School, working in international theatre and film productions both as an actress and producer. She’s worked with clients from Germany to Lebanon and New Mexico. As an internationally appreciated artist, some of her most important exhibitions took place in Milan (Road To The Art), Rome (Nuove tendenze nell’arte contemporanea), Bologna (Estasi), Miami (Spectrum Art Fair 2015) and New York (Kaleidoscopic of The Mind). 

“I believe that art in all its forms and manifestations is an immediate and powerful way to reach awareness, leading humanity to evolution” – Sarah Arensi 

An important factor in the history of Arensi’s artistic career was her decision to enter a spiritual centre, which led her to move from the movie industry and pursue painting. Besides being inspired by Sufism and Taoist practices, Arensi is greatly influenced by artists such as oil painter Rudolf Stingel, feminist performance artist Marina Abramovic and sculptor of biomorphic design Anish Kapoor. 
“I lived in a spiritual centre for two years. In the space of total freedom and awakening, I started to paint. My works embody spirit becoming art” – Sarah Arensi 

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Many artists imagine their dream project before its stunning realization and Arensi is no different. Her anticipation is growing in the direction of creating a shamanic ceremony that places people in the role of the protagonist, aiming to create oneness between the human and the world’s dimensions. As of yet, Arensi’s most special project is “RebOrn” – which combines painting, photography, music and interactive performance – concentrating on the disintegration of the ego and opening of the heart. The project centres its theme around Arensi’s paintings from her “LOVE” series and the desire to explore the path of awakening through the energy of love. 
“I had to embrace thousands of people under a chromatic rain of colours. Very healing, a lot of emotion and beauty” – Sarah Arensi 

Picture: The RebOrn project 

Sarah Arensi is one of Gallerima’s most talented artists, offering a display of breathtakingly beautiful art that aligns with her signature fashion of capturing the divine essence of life. Using acrylics on canvas, she masters the use of golden leaves with silver hues as we see in the grand acrylic piece TAO. In other works, such as JUPITER, her abstract expressionism is canvassed through copper using mixed media to express a deeper symbolism. 

Gallery: Artist’s Story Notes

Sacred Codes: MONEY MAGNET by Sarah Arensi, available on Gallerima

“This canvas embodies the immediate manifestation of money. 897 is the sacred attraction code of money manifesting in the immediate. The sacred 897 code has been activated here with the energy of fire to enhance and accelerate the process of materializing the energy of money in this dimension. The “work” of this canvas is to generate material abundance in the environment and in the people with whom it interacts. Gold, platinum, silver, straw and neon yellow, green and neon pink hues were chosen to evoke a sense of fulfilment, prosperity and bliss.”

ENERGY by Sarah Arensi, available on Gallerima

“The energy of life flows into the canvas as the river flows in nature. Red, gold, platinum, pink color together with the golden leaves create a land of force, fire, passion and awareness. This canvas has been realized together with “Unity” for Telethon 2017”

JUPITER: Force of Expansion by Sarah Arensi, available on Gallerima

“Jupiter: Force of Expansion represents the power of Jupiter. Jupiter represents the Great Father, the archetype of the regal and enlightened male at the height of his power. Jupiter is associated with wealth, prosperity, generosity and indulgence. He is called “the great beneficent” the great sun, the great manifesto. With the energy of Jupiter, the male and his magnificence are celebrated. The pyramid-shaped Orgonite attracts and concentrates these qualities in the centre of the canvas so that it can expand again in the environment that hosts it. The planet’s symbols and alchemical powers are drawn on the back.”

TAO by Sarah Arensi, available on Gallerima

“This painting represents the power Sacred Union between male and female energy. A perfect and harmonic fusion in the space of love and balance. In this painting the male active conceptive energy dance together with the creative receptive energy to co-create magic.”