If you flinched before clicking on this article, you’re not alone.

Eroticism tends to be something that we reserve for closed doors — something that isn’t permitted for public exploration.

Thankfully, we have artists.

Erotic art isn’t something to shy away from. We all live erotic lives in one form of another, and the manifestation of those feelings expressed through artwork is deeply moving. 

The art form, at its core, is an exploration of intimacy. It’s an exploration of the body and what makes us uniquely human. Because let’s be honest — there are very few of us who live our lives completely devoid of sex and arrousal.

In this article, we’re exploring erotic art as a means of opening our mind to receiving the beauty behind the human form.

No need to close your laptop halfway and read discreetly. Own it — you’re reading about eroticism!

What is Erotic Art?

Erotic Illustration by Luís Felipe Camargo

Erotic art is a rather broad field of visual art, unlike naked art which is much more specific. It includes any artistic work intended to evoke the erotic arousal, usually through the depiction of human nudity and/or sexual activity.

The art form is hardly concealed to any one medium. Drawings, photographs, paintings, and sculptures are all beautiful methods for exploring eroticism through art.

The term erotic art is difficult to explicity define. The terms erotic and art both hold vast interpretations of meaning depending on context. However, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines erotic art as:

Art that is made with the intention to stimulate its target audience sexually, and that success to some extent in doing so.

But when we mine deeper, we understand that arousal teaches us a lot about ourselves. It triggers our intimacy receptors and a longing for expression of love through the body.

Artists have to put themselves on the line when creating erotic art. That’s what makes it so profound — behind every erotic work, there is a dedicated creator exploring what it means to be a sexually driven human being.

It evokes the time old Salt-N-Pepa lyric:

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me.

Erotic art talks about sex! And for many art collectors who recognize sex as an important part of their lives, these works are a real treasure.

Censorship of Erotic Art

Order Drinks Here by Wild Feminine Art

As much as we love erotic art, it probably wouldn’t be the most productive thing to post it everywhere. We’d have people aroused left and right!

Still, there is a dark history behind the censorship of erotic art.

Social norms and laws throughout history have restricted the creation, distribution, and possession of erotic art — especially when deemed to be “pornographic,” “immoral,” or “obscene.”

No artist should be restricted in what they are permitted to create.

No art buyer should be restricted in what they choose to hang on the walls in their own home.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, this is exactly the case.

This censorship is especially depressing when you consider two things:

  1. Erotic art has been an inherent mode of expression since ancient times, with artifiacts going as far back as Mesopotamia explicitly showing scenes of sexual acts.
  2. Some of the most beautiful pieces of artwork are classified as erotic. When people are cut off from erotic art, they are cut off from pieces that could potentially move them, or even change their life!

Luckily, the worldwide conversation surrounding sex is becoming far less taboo. People are embracing sexuality and their sexual expression, opening new doors for erotic artists to flourish!

Contemporary Erotic Art

Erotic Illustration 2 by Luís Felipe Camargo

Thanks to art movements such as cubism, futurism, and German expressionism, nude subjects have become much more widely accepted — even in the most traditional art circles.

Today, the erotic is explored through multiple viewpoints, color experimentation, and simplification. Abstraction and minimalism have aroused as means for the erotic to be explored and accessed in ways that we couldn’t have fathomed in art history.

The rise of feminism and acceptance of queer lifestyles have also contributed to growth in the movement.

Female bodies created by female artists and homoeroticism created by queer artists have enjoyed increased representation in contemporary erotic art, making the genre more accessible to all walks of life.

Because when it comes to the erotic, nobody should be left out!

Where to Discover The Best Erotic Art

Bonbonga by Ilvy

Although erotic art has come a long way in making its presence felt in museums and traditional art galleries, the genre is still severely lacking in those spaces.

Indisputably, the best place to find erotic art is online.

And in doing so, you want to be sure that you’re buying from a reputable online art marketplace.

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