In the past, it was much more common for artists to work with agencies that managed the pragmatic, business aspect of building your personal brand – but they also took over the majority of the artists’ revenue. Today, in the digitalized era, artists are given more opportunities than ever to be their own managers just by building a solid online presence, which is deemed necessary to stay relevant in the modern world. While the responsibilities indicate a more challenging harvest to tend to for independent artists, the fruits are way greater as well. However, being an “influencer” or artist-entrepreneur hybrid in the online world can sometimes be emotionally and mentally overwhelming, especially for those who prefer to stay under the radar. To the introverted artists or business-disinterested creators who are emerging in the era of social media entrepreneurship and digital marketing – this one is for you. 

1. Focus On Making Art And Have The Cake Too

What’s important to remember is that it’s a fantastic thing to let your art be the forefront of your brand and speak for you if you’d rather stay behind the big red curtains. Your art is like an extension of you and sometimes the best communicator of your personality. Many successful artists today rely solely on their followers’ connection with their creations rather than their connection with the artist. Exposure and self-preservation don’t have to contradict each other. Reveal your personality and passion by sharing the      work you’ve made and do it consistently.

2. Community Before Audience

Let’s not forget, growing a following doesn’t have to happen exclusively online. There’s a way of building a substantial, loyal and flourishing community that supports your work aside from only depending on an online audience whose support is based on a one-sided transactional relationship. If you love salsa dancing, a certain political movement or if you’re passionate about cats – engage with the communities that exist within your chosen interest. By working together with others on a common goal, you can widen your network based on doing the things that empower you spiritually and mentally. Don’t just choose one community, spread out to join different forums that fulfil you as a person. Dedication to causes that stimulate your senses leads to a joyful communion that won’t just make space for your art but will make a home for it. Just direct your people to Gallerima, or an alternative online art gallery that sells your work, and let it flow endlessly in your community. 

3. Use your platform, don’t let it use you

There are certainly general rules of thumb and popular tips on building an effective social media presence, but don’t underestimate the power of authenticity alone. Step into your power and notice how the greatest magnetic force of all is the ability to be consistently yourself. It’s great to base your artistic career path on important strategies in social networking and self-branding, but don’t be scared to include your preference in every aspect of those strategies. Find a way to make social media more pleasurable for you so that you’re motivated to be joyful in your branding. When you feel like changing your brand, feel free to reinvent yourself as an indication of maturing as an artist. Explore what social media can do for you and stick to what feels true to your intentions.

4. Comfort Zone, Danger Zone

Does branding, expanding and interacting make you uncomfortable? Is the idea of sharing your work with the abundant online world scary? It’s important to ask these questions, so that you know what you’re working with. Sometimes, we may believe our lack of public self-promotion signifies personal humility. What we fail to understand is that humility doesn’t indicate refusing to acknowledge your greatness. You’re not too good to promote your work, you’re too good not to. Don’t be afraid to show off, increasing your sales is simply a matter of showing accessibility – which often requires the courage to be seen. 

Don’t think you don’t have the potential to stand out in a world full of amazing artists and artworks. The Gallerima shop has a diverse selection of artwork going from digital art and drawings to sculptures, proving that beauty has range and range needs the contribution of many different individuals working across a variety of palettes and styles. If your comfort zone is keeping you from embracing the benefits that come with branding yourself, try to deconstruct it to find a more healthy approach that is most in your favour. 

Point Blank.

Every week, we’ll break down four pieces of advice that are aimed either at artists, art lovers or both. The purpose of each advice is to offer perspective, rather than answers, in hopes you’ll come to your own guiding conclusion. Keep visiting Gallerima Magazine for updated stories that are here to inspire and guide you. Next week, we’ll give you four excellent tips on how to beat “painter’s block”. Until then, check out our latest art entry “head and hands” by Shaugnessy Art who portrays a stunning figurative interpretation of the human body. Arrivederci!