At one point, every art style — from surrealism to expressionism to impressionism — were a part of a contemporary art movement.

While every art movement still has a large influence today, the modern contemporary art movement has its own unique set of themes and challenges. It builds on boundaries already broken down by art movements prior to tell its own unique story.

In this article, we’re doing a deep exploration of contemporary art in 2021 — investigating what makes the art of today so profound.

Are you ready to rediscover the modern moment in a whole new light through art?

We thought so! Let’s get right to it — time is of the essence!

When Did the Contemporary Art Movement Begin?

God of Wine by Gerardo Laporta

The contemporary art movement is typically classified more broadly than other notable art movements that have existed within it.

Generally speaking, the contemporary art movement is the latter half of the 20th century all the way up to this very second.

Because we are so connected like never before thanks to technology, artists from around the world are being influenced by different regions like never before in art history.

At its core, contemporary art is a conversation.

A conversation about things such as personal and cultural identity, family, community, and nationality — to name just a few.

Characteristics of The Contemporary Art Movement

Le Cadeau by Paul Serret

Art in 2021 is more diverse and eclectic than ever before.

As a whole, the contemporary art movement is distinguished by lack of uniform, organizing principle, ideology, or “ism.”

What we mean by this is unlike “realism,” for example, contemporary art cannot be so easily classified. You’ve never heard the term “contemporaryism” and you never will, except for us making it up right here in this article.

This makes contemporary art incredibly dynamic. By resisting a label, artists are granted permission to break down boundaries that seek to classify and constrict artworks.

The view or mission of the contemporary art movement is unclear. This is by design. Through implementing a diversity of material, form, subject matter, and even time periods, artists are telling stories through visual art that have never been conceived of before.

As a result, contemporary art is at odds with public society. Institutional values, goals, and missions are commonly held as vital to progress; but contemporary works take a different approach.

Naturally, contemporary art is then associated with revolution. But artists are used to being revolutionaries. Without contemporary artists facing down the possibility of societal rejection, the art world would remain stagnant and out of date. (Sound familiar? Looking at you, world governments…)

Contemporary Art Movement Concerns

In recent years, there has been a growing conversation around what exactly constitutes a piece of art. Does it have to be a painting, sculpture, drawing, or other traditional art form?

Or can art really be anything that moves us?

According to many museums and galleries, the former is true. These institutions have been resistant to emerging art forms such as digital art — which reinvents what art can be through technology.

Luckily for art collectors, they don’t have to miss out on the contemporary art movement just because traditional institutions are censoring new imaginations of modern artworks.

But where can you actually find the most innovative of contemporary art?

We’ll tell you right now.

Where to Find Contemporary Art

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