There are 7 elements that go into creating a beautiful and stunning piece of artwork, all of which must come together to create a cohesive story.

Unity in art refers to the relationship between these elements as they come together, adding order and meaning to a composition.

With true unity comes understanding. We are able to recognize works as one unique and original thing rather than a number of separate parts.

In this article, we’re giving you everything you need to know about unity in art — for both artists and buyers.

How is Unity in Art Achieved?

Summer Landscape by Kestutis

Unity in art is achieved by expertly utilizing the 7 elements of art to create visual harmony. The 7 elements are:

●     Line

●     Shape

●     Texture

●     Form

●     Space

●     Color

●     Value

Artists highlight different elements to create certain moods in their works — which vary across style.

For example, a sculpture is going to be much more reliant on texture than a print.

Similarly, a painting might place more emphasis on color than a drawing or sketch.

No matter what elements are being most thoughtfully brought forth, artists are tasked with making sure that these elements support one another.

Some artists will seek to create a mood of unrest through intentionally clashing different elements — though this is rare. In most cases, artists seek to use the elements to build off one another to create a piece that feels genuine and considered.

Unity in Art – For Artists

Noche Estelar by Fernando Bosch

If you’re a creator looking to create more unity in art that you craft to increase art sales, it’s all about striking a balance. If you constrict yourself too much, you could lose touch with the creativity that makes truly great artworks unique.

But if you don’t pay close attention to the 7 elements and how they are working off of one another, you’re likely to end up with a piece that doesn’t make much sense.

Here are some tricks that prominent artists use to create unity in art:

●     Restrict color choices to warm or cool colors to enhance ambiance

●     Construct the piece founded in a particular texture or pattern to maintain consistency

●     Use of similar objects to create balance and symmetry across the canvas

In short, there is no right way to produce harmony in a piece of work.

If you’re having trouble, try a simple exercise.

Sketch out geometric shapes on a piece of paper, repeating them in different sizes and styles.

Color them in. Shade a couple of them.

Which shapes seem to be working together? Which seem to be clashing? From there, you can better visualize a larger piece of work before you set out on the journey.

And remember — creating unity in art takes practice. Sometimes variety (the antithesis of unity), can spark new creative ideas for future works!

For Buyers – Why is Unity in Art Important?

The Dancers by Joanes

As a buyer of artwork, it’s important to understand unity in art when going about decorating a space with original pieces.

Not only should you be on the hunt for individual works that tell a story, but you should also put some thought into how individual works might play off of one another before hanging them on the wall.

What we’re talking about here is theme.

For example, it probably wouldn’t make much sense to put a piece of landscape photography on the wall next to a piece of pop art — as they send vastly different messages and can be unsettling for the viewer’s eye.

Artists put a ton of work into making each piece cohesive, but they can’t control how it’s displayed in your home.

That’s why your job, as the decorator, is just as important as the artist themself. In fact, you are an artist, in many respects, as you have to work to find a collection of pieces that unify together to tell a larger story.

It’s going to take some trial and error. Lay pieces out on the floor before hanging them on the wall, mixing and matching and repositioning for the best viewing experience.

And at the end of the day, go with what looks good to you.

Art is about pleasure. If you find pleasure in variety, great! If you get more out of unified expression, more power to you.

It’s all about your own particular tastes!

Conclusions – Unity For You

The Oreads by Wild Feminine Art

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