Yagmur Turan, a mixed media artist in the line of abstraction, was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1991. Following the path of creativity from a young age, Turan was accepted into the Department of Painting and Faculty of Fine Arts at the Sıtkı Koçman University. In 2013, Turan graduated, after which she aimed for a master’s degree from Yasar Art and Design Institute with the thesis “Abstract Geometric Approaches in Turkish Art after 1950”.

“I created my own style by reading, researching and working more”

Turan focused heavily on the creation of abstract paintings, typography and mixed media techniques as she grew her collection of artwork. In the process of developing her own style, Turkish artist Burhan Doğançay’s series called “Walls” worked as a fundamental influence for Turan, more specifically his way of combining oil with collages and integrating the concept of time in his series. After mastering her own unique creative characteristics, Turan is now mostly inspired by people in her surroundings, using her art to respond to the needs and desires of individuals who are reaching for their dreams and searching for a sense of profound purpose in their lives. As the needs of people change with time, so do the designs of Turan’s paintings. 

“My paintings in the series Eferma aim to leave a psychological effect on its audience. Sometimes through a vague word, other times with mottos. The series is intended to make people think, smile, turn their head and more forward”

Elements and questions of time are consistently found in Turan’s abstract geometric paintings, with a focus on humanity, emotional expressions and creative techniques. In her still blossoming career as an artist, she’s managed to have her art featured in large and professional collections in Turkey, as well as private collections in other countries. Turan has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions and co-organized three personal ones which have played great roles in stimulating her growth as an artist.

“Because you present your work to curators, gallerists and masters in the academy who are in more experienced positions and are the ones deciding to include your work in exhibitions, the feeling is enormous”
Despite being inspired by the needs of people and gratification from masters, Turan’s inner motivation comes from her genuine desire to do and pursue art and create a positive outer impact rooted in her own joy. 

Yagmur Turan

Watch Yagmur Turan in the studio

“Like many artists, it’s my biggest dream to establish my artistry internationally. I want my paintings to be recognized.”

As a step towards that dream, Gallerima holds great space for Turan’s work which can be seen and collected across the world. Her work shows incredible range from acrylics on canvas to mixed media and every piece proves the studied knowledge that underlies it.


Good Things Take Time by Yagmur Turan

“I designed this acrylic painting in 2021 when I was called and offered a promotional film. This meant one of my dreams was coming true, and it took some time. I painted this on the day of the video shoot. Yes, really good things take time.”

Never Give Up by Yagmur Turan

“I used magazines, white glue, acrylic, oil and spray paint on my painting that’s dated 2018. The different textures allowed me to create layers. I remember that I shouldn’t give up on my dreams whenever I see this picture hanging in my living space”

Everything Starts With A Dream by Yagmur Turan

“I made this painting in quarantine during the pandemic in 2020. I did what I do best when I’m hopeless, uncertain and unsure of what to do just like everyone else. I painted. And when I came across the blank canvas, my feelings emerged. What makes this painting special is my desire to start with dreams when everything is uncertain, and believe that there will be better days.” 

Where by Yagmur Turan

“This is one of my paintings from 2017 featured in my third solo exhibition called Efemera. The layers are created with magazines, white glue, acrylic paint and oil paint. Sometimes it’s not clear where we are, where we want to be. We’re physically at a point, but mentally we don’t live there.

In the painting, I searched for the answer to the question “Where Am I?” When the observer sees this painting, I want them to reflect on the same question. Once we have set our starting point on one of the roads, the mind takes us to the goal”