You’re probably familiar with fantasy movies and fantasy novels, but what about fantasy in the visual art medium?

Fantastic art is one of the most exciting and exploratory art genres out there — making for incredibly thoughtful and provoking additions to any home.

When we say fantastic art, we don’t quite mean fantastic by the dictionary definition of “extraordinarily good or attractive.”

While here at Gallerima we certainly believe fantastic art to be genuinely fantastic, the art genre is defined by pieces that break down boundaries of reality and transport us into unreal, ethereal spaces that ignite your imagination.

But what exactly makes art into fantasy, and how is the genre defined? In this article, we’re diving into all that and much more.

Are you ready to be transported into the fantastical realm?

Strap in — it’s going to be a wild ride!

What is Fantastic Art?

Objeto Oculto by Alejandro Señero

Fantastic art, much like fantasy itself, is an extremely broad and loosely defined art genre. It’s not tied to a specific school of artists, geographic location, or historical period. Instead, it’s commonly characterized by subject matter and style, including:

●     Non-realistic scenes and imagery

●     Mystical, mythical, or folkloric subjects

●     Representational and naturalistic (non-abstract)

Fantasy has been an integral part of the art world since the beginning of time, making it difficult to classify when and where fantastic pieces originated.

Fantastic elements have been incorporated as an important genre in many art movements, with some of the most notable being:

●     Surrealism

●     Symbolism

●     Romanticism

In French, the artist genre is known as fantastique, with English variations showing up with the terms visionary art, grotesque art, or mannerist art.

Whatever you want to call it, fantastic art makes humanity’s wildest visions and aspirations available to viewers! It’s all about delving into the imagination to explore both the light and dark sides of our deepest selves, which is what makes the art genre so magical.

Salvador Dali on Fantastic Art

El Eterno Reterno by Pablo Salvans

While Salvador Dali was an infamous surrealist, much of his work was grounded in the fantastical and deep corners of the mind.

As he famously said:

“The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.”

Dali believed that the greatest truths could be accessed through fantasy and imagination. He believed that one would be mad not to consider the fantastical as the truest form of reality.

Do you agree with him?

Fantastic artists across generations certainly have. Much of the subject matter of fantasy art has even been drawn out of hallucinations stemming from both psychological distress and hallucinogenic drugs — cultivating some of the most famous pieces in all of art history.

Fantastic Art Mediums

Traditionally, fantastic art has been confined to paintings and drawings.

But with the rise of technological capabilities through digital art, photography has also been introduced into the mix of mediums that can achieve a fantastic state.

You can learn more about digital photography and its impact on the art world here.

Fantastic visual art also holds close associations with other artistic mediums.

Especially in the 20th century and onwards, fantastic art has been largely inspired by fantasy literature — whether that be novels, fables, or poems.

Fantasy writers and fantasy artists will often collaborate on projects such as graphic novels, which pair fantastic text with fantastic images — a match made in heaven!

The beauty of fantastic art is that no one knows what will come next — especially with new technologies empowering artists to explore new genres through different visual mediums.

Where to Find Fantastic Art

The Party of The Life by Dana Stefania Apostol

Think that introducing fantastic art into your home might be a great way to provoke your imagination?

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You’ve come to exactly the right place!

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