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At Gallerima, we believe digital art is the future. We love traditional visual art forms such as painting. However, there is something really cool and captivating about digital artworks on glass or unique digital prints. The term digital artwork is used to describe art that is made or presented with the use of various digital technologies. However, this type of art as a whole is quite broad, it can mean using digital technologies as a tool in order to create traditional objects such as sculptures, photographs and prints etc. With that being said, it can also mean artists using the medium in order to explore its possibilities and essence. Not only is it a newer art form but it has opened the door for a new and  unique way of self expression.  If you are looking for a daring online digital art gallery that stands out from all the rest, then Gallerima is your one-stop shop. Browse our large collection of digital artwork and feel the tingling inspiration continue to rise within you.
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