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  • Mother Nature

    Sold By: Lena Snow

    “Mother Nature” is a symbolizes the personification of Nature herself. The artwork is made of different levels that represent earth.

    Sold By: Lena Snow

    Mother Nature

  • Super leaded

    Sold By: conradbloemers

    Abstract painting “Super leaded” is ready to be hang on your wall in your home. The collage is made with leather, lead and acrylic paint. Collage is included a lead frame that goes together with the artwork. This artwork with modern colours blue, red, green, black and white. Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. So colorful paintings really add to that feelings. You love looking at luxurious interiors, right? That’s because luxe spaces have psychological effects on our brains.
    When you buy this painting, you have a unique piece of art that nobody has and fulfills your mood in an uplifting or tranquilly way.

    Abstract art painting, original artwork created by Conrad Bloemers.
    His artwork is hanging around the world.

    Comes with COA. When you have any questions just contact me.
    The piece is signed and dated at the back.

    Please understand colors may vary slightly between the actual painting and the image on your screen due to my digital camera’s results and your monitor.
    Materials used:

    leather, lead strips, nails, acrylic and mdf board

  • The Dark Side #2

    Sold By: joasnebe

    (Color ink, shellac ink painting on paper, ca. 42x58cm, all 2019-2021)

    In the binary system of the reason dominated Western culture each thing has two sides. One is friendly and open and the opposite is dark and frightening.

    Stain glass windows of the European Middle Ages are omnipresent in churches, cathedrals and cloisters. Mostly they show scenes from stories told by the Bible, which are charged with details of demons and monsters and other otherworldly creatures, which emanated from the artists mind when they interpreted this biblical narratives.

    I adopt this stain glass window structures by using shellac ink in order to create a glass like effect on paper and I adopt the idea of the dark side from the past. But at the same moment I charge the dark side with creative energy, which takes away the scaring moment.

    (C) VG Bildkunst
    Arzny, Joas Nebe

    YouTube Kanal

    Sold By: joasnebe

    The Dark Side #2

Here you can find other types of art that does not fit in to any of the other categories.
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