• Magical Star

    A unique author’s eclecticism, combining elements of abstractionism, symbolism, hermeticism and occultism.
    The semantic and visual center of the picture are three magical stars, slightly blurred and located under the background. The seven-pointed star is an ancient magical symbol of extraordinary power, through which the true sacredly nourished intention of a pure mind is realized, which is in harmony with reality.
    The background also plays an important role, because in the waves of paint, flowing on top of each other, there is a vision of actual reality, within which a transcendental creative force called magic operates.
    Immersion on the painting, comprehension of its essence through active contemplation will allow you to comprehend the essence of the symbol and use it in the practice of real life.
    A unique author’s technique of applying and mixing paints was used, which allows to achieve stunning visual effects, including glow in the dark, changing the color of the surface and three-dimensional composition.
    Perhaps there is some magic in it too.


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