• A city line

    A study of a city scape skyline and an abstract interpretation.
    Signed on the back.

  • Early morning. The street.

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    Early morning . The street. A new day begins. The walls of the houses, illuminated by the morning sun, look even lighter than usual. The tiles on the roofs take on a rich brightness. The sidewalks are still empty. Fresh and moist air is poured into space

  • House by the road

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    House by the road. The road house is surrounded by greenery. Its strong white walls are even brighter against the dark roof. A home that is always cozy and warm.

  • Is that Paul?

    Abstract painting inspired by London landmark St Pauls and surrounding cityscape.

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  • Summer patio

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    Canvas, oil painting, pallet
    Artist’s signature on the front
    eco friendly material
    The picture is made entirely by hand with oil paints and varnished. High-quality performance, interesting plot, rich colors. This work of art will be a worthy decoration of your interior.

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    Summer patio

  • Way Home

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    Way home
    How nice to see familiar streets and houses. Walk slowly. How many warm emotions and memories. It’s good to be back home

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    Way Home


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