• House with a spire

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    House with a spire
    Lovely house with a spire. Refined, as if “rushing to the sky.” When you stand next to him, it is difficult to determine what century or year it is. Who will come out of his door. This is a lady in a corset and a fluffy skirt or a girl in jeans and sneakers. Time slows down a little … It embraces and envelops you. Mixing past and present. You freeze. And you continue looking at various interesting details, imperceptible from the first, cursory glance.

  • Walk by the fountain.

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    It’s nice to take a walk in the park in the morning. Relax by the fountain. The street is illuminated by bright sunlight. It gives a great mood.

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