Unique art prints for your home

Looking to spice up your home with some cool new art prints? We got you covered!  Prints are created by drawing or carving an image onto a so-called matrix, this could be anything from a wood block, metal plate, or even stone. Its surface is then covered with ink, and the image is transferred onto paper or another material by putting pressure on it, thus creating an art print. The final print is the exact opposite of the image that is on the plate. There are many various types of prints, and the whole process is continuously evolving, but the four most well-known techniques are etching, lithography, screenprint and woodcut. If you want to decorate your walls like royalty, nothing beats a couple of timeless art prints. We at Gallerima offer unique prints for your home. All of which are made by artists who poured their soul and joy into what they truly love to create. If you plan to buy abstract prints online, art posters or just about any piece of persuasive print, look no further. From dazzling digital art prints to vintage etching that wins Classic art print is still standing strong, but if you are on the hunt for some digital gold, we can stimulate your hunger with everything from contemporary or über realistic digital print on glass to digital abstract landscapes. What about screen printings, vintage etchings or lithographic printings? We have works of art that are guaranteed to rock your world. If you can’t find it in our assortment, we promise to bring it to you soon.
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