yellow and blue

  • Still life this lemons

    Sold By: navrotskyi

    Still life with lemons
    Poetry and simplicity: a spiral lemon peel, a slender stem of an elegant glass and a clay jug devoid of delights. The whole composition is flooded with sunlight. He softly lays down on the table, on the dishes. Makes the leaves even more transparent, they seem to be illuminated from the inside … The world around us is beautiful, you just need to be able to see this beauty.

  • Totally Rad

    Sold By: PMSartwork

    This is a unique xt large PMS abstract acrylic painting that will make a statement in your home or office. This piece has a mature, modern design aesthetic. This piece is fierce and full of energy, beauty and exuberance. The colors streak and overlap, while also being contrasted by subtle and bold color shifts. The accents of black, bright yellow, white and cool blue is both modern and striking. Fragments of surface color and movement peak through the top layers of paint as bold colors streak and breeze across the surface in stripes and waves, creating a unique painterly design piece. It is truly a extra large abstract modern painting like no other that will enhance your space.

    Sold By: PMSartwork

    Totally Rad

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