How much does it cost to sell my art on gallerima?

It is and always will be completely free to post your artwork and having it on the
Gallerima page for artists and Galleries. However, we do charge a commission on some of
the sales made but it all depends on how the buyer finds the artwork.

If you have promoted your artwork on your own channels and someone buys one of your
artworks on Gallerima through your own personalised links, we will NOT take any
commission. Meaning if you market your Gallerima page in your own social media channels
and use your link there will be no commission and you will receive all of the sales. Making it
completely free for you as an artist or gallery to sell your art on Gallerima if buyers find the
artwork through your channels.

However, if someone enters Gallerima through your link but do not buy any of your artwork
but they end up buying another artwork from someone else you will receive a 15%
commission of the sale.

If the buyer enters the Gallerima page without going through an artist’s or gallery’s own
personalised link then Gallerima will charge a 25% commission which is about half of what
Galleries normally charge as they usually charge 50% and there is no other online art
marketplace that charges less commission as Gallerima believes that those that create the
art are those who should receive the biggest profit.

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