How should I pack my paintings?

Before we start packing we need a few things to pack the artwork properly, here is what
you will need to pack your painting.

• Glassine paper or acid-free archival paper
• Plastic sheeting or poly wrap
• Bubble wrap
• Foamboard
• Packing tape
• Cardboard corner protectors
• Cardboard box

Now you know what you need, here is what you are going to do.

STEP 1: start off by wrapping the painting in your glassine/archival paper, make sure there
is nothing in between the paper and the painting as it could damage it.

STEP 2: take four pieces of glassine paper/archival paper, cut them into squares, fold each
piece to create a triangle, then repeat that process and you will have a triangle pocket that
you will place on each corner of the painting to avoid damage being done to the pressure
points of the painting.

STEP 3: As you have wrapped the painting in glassine paper/archival paper and also made
your paper corners, now you are going to use your high-quality tape to tape on the foam
board, but only tape it onto the corners. Make sure that the foam board is the same size or
larger than your painting and not smaller.

STEP 4: Now that you have taped on the foam board it is time for you to wrap the painting in
plastic sheeting/poly wrap, make sure that you wrap it properly so that no liquid can enter it.
This will help to protect your painting against moisture.

STEP 5: It is now time for the fun part, bubble wrap! Wrap the entire painting with a
minimum of 2 layers (you can do more if you need to fill some space in the box) and tape it
to make sure it stays in place during the shipping.

STEP 6: When you are done wrapping it in the bubble wrap and have taped it, you are going
to add the cardboard corners in order to protect the corners of the painting from any
pressure it might withstand during the shipping.

STEP 7: It is now time for you to put two pieces of thick foamboards on each side of the
painting so the painting is in the middle, just like a sandwich. The foam boards should be a
little bit bigger than the painting itself. When you have placed the foamboards on each side it
is time to bring out the high-quality tape again and wrap the tape around it tightly so the
painting does not move around because we do not want any friction to be created.

STEP 8: After you have finished it is time to put the painting in your cardboard box. Make
sure there is some room so it is not packed too tightly but you are going to fill the empty
space with bubble wrap so the painting does not move around during the shipping.

STEP 9: It is high-quality tape time again! Tape over the horizontal opening of the cardboard
and also the vertical sides of it so a & H is created, do this to make sure there will be no
opening. You can also wrap more tape around it just to make sure that it will stay shut.

STEP 10: Last step! you are almost done! Use clear tape to tape over your shipping label so
it does not fall off during the shipping, then use a thick black pen and write FRAGILE on all
sides of the cardboard so the carriers can not miss it, and write & PLEASE KEEP UPRIGHT
DO NOT LAY FLAT on it as well. Now you are done! Your amazing painting is ready for
pickup and one lucky art lover is soon going to be able to appreciate your work in real life.

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