How should I pack my rolled painting?

First thing first, make sure that the canvas is completely dried up before you attempt to
roll it up. Now that your painting is dry and ready to be rolled up here is what you are going
to need:

• Glassine paper or acid-free archival tissue paper
• Heavy duty mailing tube or a PVC pipe
• A second tube of smaller diameter for inner support.
• Packing tape
• Bubble wrap

You have everything you need? Let’s get to work!

STEP 1: Put your painting in between two pieces of acid-free archival paper so the painting
is completely covered by the paper.

STEP 2: When you have covered the painting with archival paper start rolling the painting
with the paint side outward around the smaller tube so the painting have support and does
not get folded, do not roll it too tightly to avoid damage.

STEP 3: It is bubble wrap time! Wrap the rolled-up painting in bubble wrap so it has
cushioning and to make sure no moisture is created. Tape around it so it stays firm but also
tape it shut on the sides so no air is able to enter.

STEP 4: Now take your rolled-up painting that is covered in bubble wrap and place it in your
PVC tube, make sure there is some space so you can fill it with bubble wrap so there is not
any friction in the tube. If you do not have any end caps to shut the tube make sure you tape
it shut completely and very hard so it can not be opened during the shipping

STEP 5: Tape the shipping label with see-through tape so it does not get removed during
the shipping but you can also see it. Also, mark it ‘’FRAGILE’’
Congratulations, you can now send your amazing painting to art lovers around the world,
well done!

It is extremely important that you pack your artwork correctly and according to the
instructions we have provided otherwise you will not receive any reimbursement from your
insurance provider. We also recommend you to contact your insurance provider to make
sure that you have filled all the criteria required when sending the package. Gallerima does
not take responsibility for the damage made during the shipping

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