How will I get paid?

In order to guarantee the safety of both you the artist and the buyer Gallerima has
developed an escrow system. It works like the following:

The escrow involves three parties: Gallerima, the person buying your artwork and you who
are selling your artwork. When the buyer has made the purchase the money will be sent into
an independent account, the money will be held there until the customer has received the
artwork and the 14-day return period has passed then the money will be transferred to your
account. If the customer does not receive the artwork or it is damaged during the
transportation the money will be transferred back to the buyer’s account.

This will serve as protection for the buyer and will make them more willing to buy as they are
aware that their money is protected if the worst-case scenario happens. It will also serve to
protect you as a serious artist from competing with unprofessional parties.

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