Why is it important that I pack my painting properly?

The most frequent damages that occur during shipment is the surface of the artwork being
scraped or damaged in another way due to inadequate wrapping and padding of the work.
Gallerima strongly urges that you wrap your artwork in archival tissue or glassine combined
with a waterproof layer and completed with a thick layer of bubble wrap (don’t be afraid to
wrap it a couple of times). Taking these proactive measures in your packing will prevent the
precious artwork that you have worked so hard with gets damaged. Just as it is important
that you wrap your artwork with the right material it is absolutely vital that you wrap it tightly
in order to avoid damage that will be caused by the friction when your package is handled.
Make sure that the corners are also properly wrapped and padded tightly as those are
extremely sensitive points of painting. As your package will be handled together with a large
number of other shipments it is important that you have outer packing that is very firm and
can stand pressure and that packaging and wrapping on the inside gives the artwork enough
stability to withstand a possible rough handle.

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