Landscape art is one of the most common forms used across art genres, from painting to photography to prints.

On a general level, landscape art is typically described as a piece of art in which the subjects of the work are of nature or the natural world at-large.

While the variations of landscape art are seemingly boundless, the art category is usually divided into three sub-categories:

  • Representational Landscape Art
  • Impressionistic Landscape Art
  • Abstract Landscape Art

Each style has its own unique characteristics that vary with elements of color, lighting, and props depicted in the shot.

In this article, we’re taking you through everything you want to know about the three types of landscape art.

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Landscape Art as a Whole

Mary Poppins Garden by Conrad Bloemers

Before we get into the three types of landscape art, it’s important to understand the general conventions of the genre as a whole.

In landscape works, additional elements such as animals and people are traditionally omitted from the pieces.

Images of the ocean are also rare — but not unheard of.

The purpose of a landscape piece is to tell the story of the natural beauty that nature can deliver all on its own, whether that be calm, fierce, or surreal. It’s about stripping back distractions and taking a moment to receive the profundity of the natural world.

1.   Representational Landscape Art

Wil Woman by Elemental Structure Art

Representational landscape art is the most basic and foundational form of the landscaping genre.

Representational landscape art is true to its namesake: it’s about representing the natural world as accurately as possible for the viewing of the artwork.

That means no special colors or filters are used on the painting or photograph to produce an unrealistic effect.

Instead, artists use representational landscapes to focus on the naturally occurring beauty of nature in its truest form to paint a realistic figure of the focus area.

2.   Impressionistic Landscape Art

Sunset In Izu Peninsula by Elisa Chana Cecchetti

Impressionist works seek to communicate the artist’s impression of a space — not the reality of it.

In fact, the focus of impressionist landscape art is to depict reality in an almost unrealistic light that causes the viewer to question what is known.

This done through several methods, most commonly:

  • Separating the foreground from the background using soft focus
  • Applying unusual lighting techniques
  • Incorporating saturated, unnatural, or bright colors into the scene

In order for impressionistic landscape art to be pulled off, the painter or photographer must have a clear vision of what a scene is communicating to them. From there, the artist is tasked with repurposing the original image from nature to create a stunning new world that tells its own unique story.

3.   Abstract Landscape Art

Fruit Tree by Caroline Zimbalist

Abstract landscape art relies less on the surrounding environment provided by the landscape to tell a story, but rather on representing the main subject of the image in a new light.

This might be a little bit difficult to wrap your mind around — but isn’t that the point of abstract art, anyway? To produce uncertainty and destabilize our understanding of reality?

Let’s give you a quick example.

In a piece of abstract landscape art, the landscape itself might serve as a background with a single component, such as a tree branch or shrub or shape, as the focus.

Artists might also choose to use shadows cast by large objects to create uncertainty.

All this to say, abstract landscapes aren’t necessarily focused on the landscape itself, but rather highlighting the intricacies of landscapes through abstraction.

Abstract landscapes are coveted for their imagination and ingenuity, and serve as a worthy backbone to the art category as a whole.

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