The power of art lies in that it elevates any space — allowing for emotion to pour from your walls.

Whether you’re looking for sophistication, playfulness, or beauty, art is one of the best ways to inject personality into your apartment space.

If you’re moving into a new apartment or just looking for a reboot, we’ve collected five of the best apartment wall art ideas for you.

You’ll come away from this article with some great leads for cultivating a living space that is both enjoyable and fulfilling for you, and astounding for your guests.

Are you ready to discover some awesome apartment wall art ideas?

We thought so.

1.  Use a Large Centerpiece

Time of My Life – Di Minaeva

Going with a large centerpiece is one of the most traditional apartment wall art ideas out there — and it’s still wildly popular for good reason.

By placing a grandiose painting or photograph on your largest wall, you can skip the stress of intricate design and deliver a contemporary look that unifies the space.

Consider landscapes or abstract art if you’re going the large-scale route. You’re going to want a piece that is utterly gaze-worthy, and continues to surprise you and your guests for years to come.

Keep in mind that larger pieces are going to be a little bit more expensive. But you won’t have to spend a ton of extra money acquiring other art, and you could even treat it as an art investment that you take with you for years to come.

Who knows — one day the artwork could transform from an apartment wall art idea to the centre piece for your first home!

2.  The Gallery Wall

Rhythm of Ocean Series 4 – Luca Domiro

There are few apartment wall art ideas that deliver as much personality and color as a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is extremely versatile. You can play with combinations of prints, drawings, and photographs to keep the eye entertained throughout your lease.

Opt for simple frames with neutral colors to build cohesiveness, or try out more ornate variations to spice things up even further!

Extending your gallery wall to the ceiling is also an expert way to draw the eye upwards — creating the illusion of a larger space.

And as anyone that’s ever lived in a studio or single apartment knows — the bigger the space feels, the better!

3.  Install Shelves

If you’re running out of space to execute your vision, another great apartment wall art idea is to install some shelves.

Not only will shelves give you a space to place plants, quirky objects, and sculptures, but it will also add an extra layer of dimension to the space.

Shelves extend your wall outwards, making a once-flat surface more dynamic.

And if the word ‘install’ scares you, don’t fret. It’s super easy to mount shelf space, and can be done in 5-10 minutes. From there, it’s all about finding the right combination of items that make the space pop!

4.  Consider Adding Texture

Weavings, dream catchers, blankets, and scarves have made a big appearance on trendy walls in 2021.

Adding these textural elements to your space can give your apartment that much-needed pop, and make it feel more homey and comfortable.

You could also place a variety of mirrors at different angles around your apartment. While a mirror isn’t necessarily textured in itself, the reflections — and dimensions summoned by those reflections — work to make your walls feel less flat.

While texture is certainly a hot design trend, don’t go overboard with this apartment wall art idea. Pick one or two of these elements and place them diligently — you want to seek balance!

5.  Accent Walls

For the smaller walls in your apartment space, consider adding accents through bright and bold paint or colored light bulbs.

An attention to light in the more subtle corners of your apartment can really help to unify the space and feature those artworks that you are looking to show off.

You could also even consider transforming the ceiling with paint or light. Remember to consider the natural light elements that will be flowing through the window. If your apartment is already dark as is — you probably don’t want to create yet more shade!


We hope that you found these suggestions for apartment wall art ideas to be helpful as you work to bring your space to life.

Apartment-style living is ergonomic, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty!

Adding stunning original artwork is a great way to feel at home and make the most of smaller spaces.

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