Art marketplace online

How do you stand out in the worlds of online art marketplace? It is a cruel world out there for an artist, there are so many extremely talented artists online that are competing against each other, however, at Gallerima we have noticed 6 easy steps any artist can take to increase their sales and succeed as an artist in the online world.  

  1. TAKE GOOD PICTURES – We can not stress the importance of taking high-quality pictures enough, as buyers are not visiting a gallery to see your artwork they need to have the best possible pictures to get a feel for the artwork. We all know how horrible it is to order something in an online art marketplace only for it to look completely different in real life so make sure the buyer does not have to go through that struggle. A major key for the buyer to feel comfortable to buy your artwork is for them to be able to visualise your artwork in their home, therefore, we highly recommend taking pictures of the artwork in a home environment.
  1. WRITE A GOOD ARTIST BIO AND A KILLER DESCRIPTION – As we have discussed in previous blog posts it is extremely important that you write a good artist biography as the buyer is not only buying your artwork but they are buying your story so share it with the world. Describe your history as an artist, your achievements, your creative process, why you created this artwork. You can find out more about writing a good story in our guides on Gallerima. It is not only important that you share your personal story as an artist but you also need to write about the art you have created. It is important that you write a detailed description where you give the potential buyer an as accurate description as possible and using keywords so you stand out in Google searches. Basically, having a branding that works well for you as an artist is really important in order for you to stand out. This does not only mean visual expressions, but also the words you choose to use and to define yourself with.
  1. KEEP YOUR PORTFOLIO UPDATED – Let me start this point off with an example. If you go in on someones Instagram page and their last post was 3 years ago, would you follow them? Probably not as they have not posted anything for 3 years so what will change and you would rather follow someone that post interesting content, right? So do not treat your Gallerima account any different, keep it updated with new works and buyers will follow your page as they will be keen on seeing the next amazing work you will publish. Now, of course, we know that creating art is not like creating any other product, you can not just turn on a machine and produce art. We understand that there is a long creative process but make sure you keep at it and feed the hungry art lovers!
  1. PRICE YOUR ARTWORK IN THE BEST WAY FOR YOU – Pricing your artwork can be really tricky as we have an emotional bond to the works we create and we can easily overprice and we can also not see our own value and underprice our artwork. Try to look at similar works by artists with similar experience but also include factors such as cost of material, time, and shipping materials. You can read more about how to price your artwork in our FAQ section.
  1. MARKET YOURSELF AND YOUR WORK – If you will only remember one thing from this it should be this point. We can not stress the importance of marketing yourself, use your social media to bring attention to you as an artist and the works you have created. Use email as well to promote your latest works and keep people interested in your artwork updated. Another reason why it is important to market yourself online is that if someone buys your artwork on Gallerima through your own link then Gallerima will take 0% commission on the sale meaning you get to keep 100% of the sale!