Finding the right art pieces online is a great way to bring personality and life into your home. 

By shopping for art online, you can discover an international pool of talented artists that truly speak to you and your particular tastes. 

Because you can’t physically interact with artworks online, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you are buying truly inspiring paintings for your space. 

In this article, we’re giving you 5 things to consider when buying artworks online, so that you can go forth confidently in bringing all the wonderful benefits of art into your home!

Let’s start evaluating! 

What Are the Technical Aspects of the Artwork?

Whether you are evaluating oil paintings, abstract paintings, or forms of digital art, there are some consistent factors to consider when evaluating the technicality of the piece. 

Unless you are trained to notice intricacies in art, you probably won’t have much luck in critically evaluating the details of the piece. 

Instead, it can be useful to ask yourself a couple questions about both the art piece itself and the artist who created it. 

  • What medium does the artist work in? Do you feel like this piece exists well in this style? How did you come to this decision? 
  • Does the piece feel cohesive? If not, is it intended to be disruptive? Is this artist’s strategy working for you? 
  • What is the proficiency of the creator? Where has their work appeared in the past? What do they try to communicate with their work? 

Through asking these questions, you can begin to dip your toes into the technical aspects of the  piece and see if they are speaking to you. That is, after all, the most important aspect of any artwork. 

Is the Piece of Artwork Productively Creative?

Another great way to approach art is through considering the creative risks of the piece. 

When scrolling through online art galleries, it’s likely that the most creative pieces are going to catch your attention. 

This is a great place to start perusing! Again, it can be helpful to ask yourselves some questions about the piece in relation to its creative pursuits: 

  • What makes this piece stand out? Why might the artist make these choices? Why did they pay off, or not pay off? 
  • Does the creative messaging of the piece convey meaning? Does it make you feel something, or does it just seem overbearing? 

Every piece of artwork online is creative in its own way. But some will be especially eye-catching for you—don’t ignore these signals! 

Will the Piece of Artwork Fit In?

Already got art hanging on the walls in your home? 

Looking to cultivate a certain mood in your living space? 

Considering what type of artwork works for each room of your home is important to building a cohesive collection that tells a story. 

You can do this by:

  • Buying multiple pieces of art from an artist that you love 
  • Collecting works that have similar color schemes to impose a certain mood
  • Constructing a narrative through landscapes or other themed approaches 

Paintings come in all different styles, and there is no right way to build a collection. 

We’ll say it again because it’s so important—it’s about what artworks compel you! 

Why Are You Buying Art?

There are many reasons that you might set out to buy art online, none of which are more valuable than another. 

Are you buying art as an investment

Are you buying art purely for pleasure? 

When considering artwork online, motive does matter in that more research will be required on your part if you are seeking to buy art as an investment. 

Buying for pleasure, on the other hand, is a little bit lower stakes. You don’t have to worry so much about artist accolades or historical significance; you can focus more on purely evaluating the piece based on your tastes. 

Is the Marketplace You Are Buying From Safe?

Unfortunately, not all online art marketplaces are created equal. 

While buying art on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook has become increasingly popular, it creates potential risk for scammers. 

Buying from a reputable online marketplace can guarantee the safety of your purchases by using an escrow system: meaning that your money will be held in an independent account until you have received and approved the painting that you bought. 

This ensures that if something is wrong with the painting or it doesn’t arrive, you can get your money back without any sweat. 


Buying artworks online is an exciting process, and should be approached as such. 

By shopping for art online, you can: 

  • Gain access to an international pool of creators 
  • Find pieces that enliven every room of your home 
  • Discover a wide range of mediums/genres that speak to you 

Looking for a place to get started? 

Gallerima is a safe online marketplace that provides artworks to tell stories. 

We believe that great art is timeless; that art is universal; and that buying art should be fun. 

That’s why we provide dedicated artists with a platform to get their art out into the world. You can support artists everywhere by shopping online today