If there ever was a perfect day, I think this would be it. This article is meant to uplift the creative spirit and remind you to celebrate your own creativity and others’. At Gallerima, we’re fortunate enough to have many talented artists sharing their work on this platform, all invested in growing their skills and connecting with people all over the world through their art. All arts are worth celebrating – from music to dance and poetry to paintings and sculptures.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this day than to show you around our gallery and give you a quick tour that will highlight some of the amazing artists and artworks we have to offer.

Minimalist Twist

The first stop on this digital tour is in the category of modern art, where “less is more” is the motto. Minimalist art is all about embracing clean communication through effortless-looking brushwork and neutral tones. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that simplicity is easy to make and boring to look at – it requires deep knowledge of color theory, brushwork and shape.

Abstract one of a kind framed yellow painting by Sia Aryai

Taking a look at Sia Aryai’s painting, we see a beautiful play of colors and balance between shapes that perfectly embodies both abstract art and minimalism. We see a classic presentation of the minimalist trend of blending grey and white with a yellow twist. If you think minimalist art is forgiving but boring, this might interest you, as the yellow color gives your home decor a sense of aesthetically digestible boldness.

If you love modern art and live in a minimalistic home, the painting will work both as a complement and a beautiful accent to the interior environment. We see that the artist Sia has carefully layered the different colors to achieve a rich feeling of seamlessness.

Blue Abstraction by Yagmur Turan

Here’s another example of fantastic minimalist art which defies every idea of it being a predictable and colorless style. Blue abstraction by Yagmur Turan contributes to the soft and warm tones in the room while offering tasteful excitement with a simple accent of bold brushstrokes. Before we go, let’s take a look at two pieces of classic black and white art in a minimalist style. Starting with Coffee Break by Marcus Cederberg, who describes the motive in this spectacular print as  “a lonely man taking a rest during construction work”. Second, followed by Nauckhoff’s Countenance.

Coffee Break by Marcus Cederberg
Countenance by Josephine Nauckhoff

Bare Bodies
It only makes sense that the next display of art follows the trend of appreciating the unveiled and open art look.Nude art shows us that our bodies have the power to make a strong statement by itself. Throughout history, women have been muses when it comes to depicting the beauty in nudity.

We love water color paintings and in “Erotic Illustration” we see Luis Felipe use the naked masculine body to express queer eroticism and lusty addiction through the uses of honey, blueberries and body language. Read more about erotic art here.

In the world of photography, we’re happy to show you the works of two of our talented photographers that beautifully capture the body in its most intimate, effortless and natural state.

Bed Time by Juancho Everman
Laundry Day by Ilvy

Fantasy World
Moving on, we’re now looking at fantasy art, which shows a range that’s almost the opposite of the sleek and natural elements of minimalism and nude art. Instead, we enter the world of wild imagination and risky playfulness between colors.

Birds Of Venus by Ipek Chi

In this mesmerizing piece of figurative art, Ipek Chi has invited us into a colorful and undefined world filled with various universal symbols in harmony despite their differences. In the oil painting Birds of Venus, Ipek Chi explains that Venus has been “settled in between worlds” where the sunflowers represent endless hope.

Taking us to “a visual fantasy daydream of a cosmic summer day at the beach” is Barbara Adler in the watercolor painting A Day At The Beach 2, as seen below. Surrealism is the perfect style for artists to achieve art inspired by fantasy as you can see.

A Day At The Beach 2 By Barbra Adler

Before we end today’s tour, you have to meet some of our amazing artists:

Martin Strid

“I try to make beautiful natural patterns that are familiar and comforting for your unconscious and new and stimulating for your conscious. I don’t do copies. I don’t repeat myself. I paint the truth and the truth cannot be repeated in an ever-changing world.”

Watch Martin Strid in the studio

Annamaria Johansson

“I believe that we all have a higher purpose and are divine beings searching for inner peace, finding joy and to fill our lives by using earthly things, consuming and building our own personality from the outside in, instead of the opposite. Children have always had a special place in the work. I believe that they embody the purity and unfiltered expression of the reality they are facing.”

Watch Annamaria in the studio

Pierre Jungers aka Verceighty

“I am a french visual artist based in Paris. I make large paintings inspired by various synthwave, vaporwave, lo-fi and retrofuture themes.”

Watch Verceighty in the studio

Gustaf Tidholm

“I find inspiration through everyday impressions and expressions of the moment or through memories and experiences, where color and form are often perceived in the most unexpected or expected situations.”

Watch Gustaf Tidholm in the studio

Last Words
Thank you for coming along. There’s much more to discover and the destination is no more than a click away. Hopefully, this post inspired your creativity. Happy World Art Day!