Our talented acrylic painter and creator of the power figure “CASSIE”, Emelie Svens, was born in 1994 and grew up in a small town in Sweden. Her work life began in retail, as she moved to another city after her senior year in high school. Her promotion led her to continue working for another four years in retail while she also attended an art course. Although making art wasn’t as central as it grew to be, Emelie chose to invest in her creativity on the side. She started by making her first art prints and sharing them on social media. After yet another promotion, moving was on the table again, this time to the city of Örebro.

“While living in Örebro I had my first exhibition in Sweden, started a collaboration with a gallery in Spain, exhibited in Monaco and Madrid, as well as starting a collaboration with Gallerima”

Teaching us the power of keeping creativity alive with a busy lifestyle and not letting the artist in you go when life takes you places, Emelie Svens represents the force her art is inspired by. After one year in Örebro she quit my job to study social work while making art with messages that raise awareness to mental illnesses and empower women’s self esteem. “Cassie”, who we see consistently in Emelie’s artwork, is the embodiment of that message of strength and individuality that encompasses any obstacle or prejudice.

“The woman who is painted on all motives is called Cassie. Cassie is painted the same, including the many details that characterize her. This is to express the message that we should all be proud of ourselves for being unique and equally valuable regardless of our appearances or backgrounds”

Women pursuing their passion while staying authentic to themselves is what sources Emelie’s inspiration for Cassie, who’s not afraid to challenge social ideals and embrace her imperfections. Svens’s art is heavily influenced by female figures in social media and fashion who radiate the confidence that enable them to keep working in the direction of their dreams.“The woman [Cassie] is painted with asymmetrical features to illustrate that no one is perfect”

Watch Our visit To Emelie’s Studio

The future for Emelie Svans is just as bright as her art promises today. Until now, the most impactful experience in her career has been her exhibition in the widely appreciated art fair in Monaco in August of 2020. When asked about her dream project, Emelie paints a vision starting from home: an inclusive and large exhibition in Sweden which engages artists and organizations to raise charitable support for a common cause that benefits vulnerable communities. 

“My experience of participating at the art fair in Monaco was definitely an experience that shaped me as an artist. I got so much inspiration from other artists and their great artworks, which gave me creative ideas and the motivation to make new and improved artworks.”

As we step into the world of Emelie Svens on Gallerima’s online gallery, we see art that not only gives taste and visual pleasure but holds important messages as well and makes a difference.“Cassie” makes beautiful statements on female beauty and strength in the house but a difference as well: 10% of Emelie Svens’s sales goes to Mind Sweden, a non-profit organization that works for mental health.


Lily Dream by Emelie Svens

This artwork is the biggest piece of all of my collections. I created this artwork to spread hope, dreams and happiness. Art message: “Don’t let anyone stop you from following your dream, everything is possible” – CASSIE

Deep Thoughts by Emelie Svens

This artwork means a lot to me because it illustrates the many thoughts that mental illness can bring. I want to raise the awareness for mental illness to signify that people who are suffering from mental illness are not alone and that it is not something to be ashamed of. Art message: “We all have deep thoughts, but it is important to not let the negative thoughts take over the positive ones” – CASSIE

Beauty Is Global by Emelie Svens

I created this artwork to illustrate that beauty is global regardless of ethnicity, looks, gender, body type and so on. This artwork is from my first ever launched art collection and therefore it means a lot to me. Art message: “Your ethnicity, your appearance, your location… we should all be proud of who we are and remember that we are all equally worthy regardless of background”- CASSIE