When it comes to finding stunning original artworks for your home, one of the most important things to attend is the emphasis of a painting. 

Choosing a painting with the right emphasis can hold together space, draw the eye, and bring a piece to life. 

In this article, we’re giving you an introduction to emphasis on art. 

You’ll come away with a better understanding of what emphasis in art is, how artists use emphasis, and how to think about the emphasis concerning your unique home. 

You can make an emphatic statement with the artwork you choose to display in your home. 

Let’s find out how! 

What is Emphasis in Art? 


The emphasis in art is a specific principle that refers to visual elements to draw attention to a particular work area. This area is commonly known as the focal point in a given piece, which stands out due to colour, shape, or shading. 

There are practically endless ways to go about creating emphasis on a piece of artwork. It’s most commonly about contrasting different elements against each other to create a cohesive work that tells a story

For example, a bright green apple would stick out against an earth-toned brown background. 

Or a straight line might assert itself in a pool of curved lines. 

Or maybe a square object makes its presence felt amongst circular things. 

Get the picture? 

Good. Because emphasis can be used in photographs, too, not just paintings. Emphasis is used in most forms of art in one way or another. 

How Artists Use Emphasis in Art 


Artists might choose to emphasize an object, shape, or colour to communicate an idea or mood in a painting. 

The focal point (or point of emphasis) in a piece of art usually tells the ‘Big Idea’ of a painting or piece of artwork. 

Because the eye starts at the focal point and moves outward, it can be thought of as the top of the funnel or overarching idea. 

A painting that makes a specific move to emphasize a particular portion of the work exists mostly under the umbrella of that emphasized space. It’s why artists are incredibly intentional about what they choose to emphasize to ensure that the viewer’s eye is naturally trained towards what is most important. 

Acclaimed artists such as Claude Monet, Giovanni Boldini, and Grant Wood were masters at using light and colour elements to evoke emotion from their viewers. 

Today, up-and-coming artists play with exposure and emphasis in art in ways that we’ve never seen before, opening up an exciting chapter in the art world. 

Using Emphasis in Your Home 


When you are considering what types of pieces to hang on your wall, emphasis should always be at the forefront of your design plan. 

Artworks themselves can function as a means of emphasis for the room as a whole. 

Are you having trouble visualizing this? 

Here’s an example: 

Let’s say that the colour scheme of your living room is primarily centred around earth tones. Maybe you have grey-green carpet, brown sofas and furniture, and warm lighting. 

If you hang a piece of artwork with exclusively earth tones and warm lighting on the wall, it’s likely to get swallowed up by the room. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—especially if you are going for a more subtle decorating approach. 

You could even hang several paintings on the wall that work with the room to create a feeling of cohesion and understatement. 

But if you’re looking to hang a piece of artwork that makes a statement, you might want to consider going with a brighter work that emphasizes its presence. 

For simplicity, let’s return to our apple example from earlier. 

If your living room is filled with exclusively earth tones and then you hang a giant painting of a bright red, juicy apple, your eye will be drawn to it immediately as you walk into the room. 

In this case, the artwork itself is working as the emphasis on art—the art of building a robust and provoking room. 

This is no easy task and puts some of the burden of creativity on you. 

But for those who love to tinker and experiment with interior design, paintings can be a dream. 

If you’re having trouble visualizing what types of paintings might go well with your space, take a minute to check out this guide where we suggest six different kinds of paintings that you should consider for your home. 

When you discover that paintingprint, or photograph that speaks uniquely to you and your living space, you’ll know it. 

Go in with an open mind and a willingness to explore, and you’re sure to let emphasis in art go to work in your home! 


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