Abstract art speaks through a language all its own. 

This unique form of painting has been utilized by art legends such as Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso to tell a powerful story that is devoid of words, but evokes strong feelings through shape, form, and color. 

If you are looking for beautiful artworks to bring value into your life, look no further. 

Abstract art comes in many different varieties that are sure to ignite the emotions of both you and your guests. 

In this article, we’re taking you through some considerations when finding the perfect piece of abstract art for you. 

Let’s find some stunning original artwork!  

Color Scheme of Abstract Art 


One of the most promising things about color is that the renditions are endless. New colors and color schemes are always being cultivated, bringing novelty and originality to paintings. 

There is no better place for color than in abstract paintings. Through contrast, blending, and gradients, abstract art serves as the pinnacle of vibrant experimentation. 

Certain colors can evoke different moods. 

For example, the color yellow evokes a response of high energy, frustration, and attention. Because it’s the most visible color, it tends to stand out and call for action. 

A color like blue, on the other hand, promotes feelings of calmness, serenity, sadness, or aloofness. 

A great artist knows how to use colors in tandem with one another to tell a cohesive story that is, in many cases, beyond explanation. 

If certain colors speak most truly to you, you should try to find abstract art that embodies the spirit of what that color can represent. 

Certain colors might work better in different portions of your home, as well. A sensual, soothing purple may be best suited for the bedroom, while a passionate and powerful red might be best for the office. 

The Shapes of Abstraction 


While some forms of abstract art exist devoid of shapes, this is rather rare. Most artists will use shape to enhance their story. 

Shapes can inflict certain behaviors and moods on a piece of abstract art. 

Check out some of the things shapes can do: 

  • Squares/Rectangles: Serve to portray strength stability 
  • Circle/Ellipses: Can represent continuous movement
  • Triangles: Lead the eye in an upward movement 
  • Inverted Triangles: Lead the eye elsewhere to create a sense of imbalance and tension 

Many times, articles will overlap or invert shapes to express a particular emotion. 

However, you shouldn’t spend too much time laboring over what a shape means. Whatever the painting makes you feel is its truest form. 

A shape itself may be a mathematically quantifiable object, but when used in a piece of artwork, it serves as an abstraction that enhances the piece. 

Style & Form in Abstract Art 


Because abstract is, well, abstract, there are practically an unlimited number of forms that the art can take on. 

Form is the way to use the elements of art, principles of design, and media to produce a piece of artwork. Unlike shapes, form considers three-dimensional depth, adding yet another layer to the piece. 

Some artists seek to use form in the foreground of telling their story, while others allow it to work in the background to lay a foundation for the abstract painting. 

Keep in mind that while form may be difficult to explain or define for the untrained eye, you don’t necessarily have to be able to name the form in order to be moved by a painting. 


Abstract art is a deeply moving and dynamic form of painting that speaks through a higher language of feeling and emotion. 

Artists use three primary components when telling a story through abstract art: 

  • Color 
  • Shape 
  • Form 

You should consider what combination of these elements speaks most truly to you. You never know when a piece of artwork is going to strike you, and abstract paintings will keep on revealing and teaching you new things for years to come. 

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