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We’ve all heard of the term writer’s block, but what about artist’s block? When you want to find inspiration as an artist, it can sometimes be hard to come up with great idesa.

Beautiful art tells a story, after all, just like writers do. So why aren’t more people talking about ways for artists to source inspiration? 

In many cases, artists are expected for their inspiration to strike out of nowhere—but this isn’t a realistic expectation. 

At some point in your career as an artist, you’re likely to encounter a lull. 

In this article, we’re giving you 5 unique tips to get the creative wheels churning so that you can find inspiration as an artist. 

Let’s get you producing your beautiful artworks! 

Change Your Environment (Radically) 

You’ve probably heard that a change of environment can help to spark inspiration. We’re asking you to take that to the next level. 

Especially in quarantine, trying to produce meaningful art surrounded by the same four walls can really drain your creative intuitions

Trying painting in a place that is totally unfamiliar to you. 

Are there any parks in your city that you haven’t visited yet? 

Is there a friend that would let you paint in their garage? 

By radically shifting your environment, your perspective of the canvas will change, and it might lead to something awesome! 

Produce Something Exclusively For You 

Many times as artists, we find ourselves in ruts trying to produce art that pleases other people. 

While getting your art out there into the world is important, you have to remember why you’re an artist in the first place. 

Next time you sit down to produce art, find your inspiration through privacy. 

Producing a piece of art for your eyes only can be extremely freeing. Not only will you feel less pressure, you can connect with your inner desires that must make their way to the canvas. 

Once you’ve produced that exclusive piece of art, you might catch on to new rhythms or styles that feel more true to your intuition as an artist. 

Write About Your Art 

Having trouble defining yourself as an artist

Take some time to sit down and write about your art. Pretend that you are an observer who has never encountered the work before. 

What seem to be the dominant themes? Why are they important? 

What makes the piece of art unique? 

If you wanted to, you could even critique your own art. That doesn’t mean beat yourself up—it means taking a detailed look at what feels authentic and what feels forced. 

Diving into another medium of art to discover your own art is a great trick to find inspiration as an artist.  

Identify and Break Your Routine 

Most artists have a routine, whether they are up-and-coming or well-established

The funny thing is, many artists aren’t even aware of this routine. 

Do you tidy your space before getting started? Do you drink the same type of tea when painting? Is there a certain time of day when you usually create? 

The first step to breaking your routine is identifying it. 

Once you notice some of your tendencies, you can try bending them to produce different feelings. 

Maybe it’s time to switch from peppermint tea to chamomile, or paint early in the morning before the sun rises, or work in a cluttered space. 

Paint Something You Love 

The best paintings are sourced from a place of love (or suffering). 

Is there a character from a book that has changed your life? 

Do you have a favorite movie scene that returns to your mind again and again? 

Are there places from your childhood that stick out in your memory? 

Painting, drawing, or sculpting these prominent motifs sourced from within is a sure-fire way to find inspiration as an artist. 

Not only could this help to break tendencies, it can also empower you to divulge a portion of yourself that may yet be undiscovered in your work. 


Finding inspiration as an artist isn’t always easy. 

To beat artists block, try the following: 

  • A radical change of environment
  • Produce something just for you 
  • Write about your art 
  • Identify and break your routine 
  • Paint something you love 

We hope these suggestions have been helpful for you. 

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