Pablo Salvans is a surrealist painter with visions of greatness perfectly shown in his portfolio. Born in Barcelona in 1998, Salvans spent his childhood in the Poblenou neighborhood and in the summers he stayed in Sitges. His interest in art grew as he went into adolescence, leading him to study art history and bond with artists who inspired him to become his own.

“There are different themes that are repeated throughout my work; absence, love, time and sacrifice are the most common”

History is an essential source of knowledge for Salvans who finds creative attraction in the different artistic stages from the past. He’s especially influenced by the techniques and momentums of the Renaissance and its avant-garde painting style. As he explains it, his work is where romance meets contemporary thought.

“I have more awareness with every time I paint, investigating in greater depth the subjects that interest me”

Salvans considers himself still at the beginning stage of his career, just warming up for what’s to come. The warm up consists of a diverse collection within the themes of expressionism and surrealism as well as several exhibitions. At the moment, designing a rhythm of art production and color research is in the center of Salvans’s development as an artist. While still perfecting the foundations of his role and craft in the artistic sense, visions of displaying and decorating his work in appreciated buildings is one of the motivating factors in Salvans career.

“Enjoy the process and never sell yourself for money”

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The intrinsic value of his relationships with artists, writers and actors and their personal stories is what fuels Salvans’s trust in the production of art. He finds dedication and continuity in life experiences that shape his work and artistic integrity.  

“I think that my work generates in the viewer an alignment between stillness and expectation. It is undoubtedly a captivating, beautiful, hypnotic, but at the same time realistic experience, where the viewer can feel identified, in some cases reaching criticism or personal fears”

Gallerima is honored to hold space for Pablo Salvans’s impressive collection of work, showing softly colored motives filled with symbolism and deeper messages of cultural significance. His art is meant to question and critique the status quo while simultaneously offering empathy for the human condition in search for alternative realities. 


La Llamada by Pablo Salvans
Fabrica Solitaria by Pablo Salvans

“La llamada and Fabrica Solitaria are two works from the most recent series that I am working on. I take the factories as a symbol of many mass jobs that seem useless. But it’s a means of subsistence, work as a necessity, as a lifestyle, a sacrifice and absence. A conformism that takes us to a comfort zone and into an inevitable pseudo-happiness.

The idea is to dedicate ourselves to something that doesn’t make us feel like slaves in an eternal routine, to do what you’re passionate about and therefore enjoy work. We can see two scenes of factories: The first is in the morning when it’s time to go to work, and the second one is in the afternoon when the space is empty of workers.”

Colonavilu by Pablo Salvans

“In this work I offer my vision of COVID-19. There are six symbols, starting with the carnivorous plants (coronavirus), which make their way across the table (the world) and reaching the ants (human beings). The mask of medieval times (black plague) refers to manipulation by the authorities. The cube is rationality and the floodgates are destiny.”

Ways IV by Pablo Salvans

“This work is a part of a series dealing with the theme of the road and its inevitable destinations. In this case: we can see a man aware of the banality of him in art, he observes how the fundamentals of him have been lacking throughout his life.”