While it may not be a central location, the bathroom is an important room in your household for several reasons. 

Not only does it serve vital basic functionality, but it also serves as a refuge and escape from the action for you and your guests. 

Bathrooms are a place to unwind, relax, and recenter. 

So why not spruce up your powder room with some awesome bathroom art? 

In this article, we’re giving you everything you need to know about cultivating a rest space that is both beautiful and practical. 

Let’s get down to it. 

Unique Style for Your Bathroom Art 


When it comes to brainstorming and envisioning your bathroom’s style, it’s important to remember to find works that speak to you

There is no right way to decorate your bathroom. In fact, going edgy, quirky, or unique is a great way to set your bathroom apart from the rest of the home. 

You’ll want to identify the mood of your bathroom and play from there. 

Does your tile and wall colour call for serenity and elegance? 

Are neutral colours allowing for a playful, modern take? 

Or are you just looking for a space that is calming and inspired by the natural world? 

Your bathroom art elevates whatever mood you are trying to cultivate in your bathroom. Additionally, the main floor half bath might have an entirely different personality than the master. 

Because bathrooms are so set apart from the rest of the home, give yourself permission to have some fun with the decorations. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to get abstract with it

Considering Medium for your Bathroom Art 


The bathroom is a particularly unique room in your home because it is not only subject to patterns of light and darkness, but also steam. 

Therefore, your artworks must be able to endure steam. You’ll need to find pieces that can withstand humid and moist environments. 

Photographs and prints that are carefully and thoughtfully framed with a sealed back tend to survive great in bathroom environments. 

Additionally, ceramic pieces or sculptures also serve as durable solutions for bathroom art, as their materials are more water-resistant. 

Most experts advise against acrylic or oil paintings in the bathroom, especially if they are going to be exposed. If you’re really attached to an oil piece, make sure to seal it in a glass. 

Every bathroom’s ventilation is different. 

If your powder room is well ventilated by an exhaust fan or windows, you may be able to get away with displaying more delicate paintings in the space. Just note that there might be some wear and tear, so it’s not advisable to take a chance with paintings of high value. 

Where to Place Bathroom Art 


The dimensions of every bathroom are different. You’ll want to consider your own bathroom’s wall space, angles, and dimensions before buying a piece that might be too large or too small. 

One of the best places to put a piece of artwork is opposite the bathroom mirror. It’s always nice to be accompanied by beautiful artwork while you take the image of yourself in, and your guests will be more likely to notice it. 

You can also hang bathroom art at a vantage point that is easily recognizable from the shower or bathtub. Elevate your bathing ritual by connecting with a piece that truly speaks to you. This can serve to create a meditative moment between you and a piece of art, and bring peace into your daily ritual. 

Always proceed with caution when drilling a hole into porcelain, glass, marble, granite, or other natural stones. Unless you’re an expert, you should probably consider hiring a professional to complete the task. 

And one last pro tip on placement: if your bathroom has an additional water closet or a fun extension, it’s time to get cheeky with it. Take risks with a risque print or provoking photograph to take advantage of an opportunity for a surprising moment. 

Other Important Considerations 


Soft Artwork = Coziness: Drawings, sketches, and mild photography can really inject that cosy vibe, if that’s what you are looking for. Not all bathrooms have to be a statement—especially if it’s for personal use. Search for understated pieces that prioritize homeliness and elegance. 

Be Not Afraid of Darkness: Whether it’s for tile, wall paint, or artwork, dark colours can make for a fantastical theme that makes bathrooms (particularly of the shared variety) a more immersive experience. With attention to lighting and a thought-out approach, darkness can be truly stunning. 

Stay Cohesive: Unless the mission of your bathroom art is to create instability and playfulness, try finding pieces that are in the same colour palette and style. Whether your theme is coastal, forested, or tundra, put some real thought into colour and avoid those pieces that stick out like a sore thumb. 

Focal Point: While the bathroom is not as dependent on a focal point as many other rooms in your home, if it’s large enough, you can go with a centralized approach. Consider a daring painting that tells a story all its own. 

Embrace Minimalism: Neutrality, cleanliness, and understatement will always be in style—especially when it comes to bathrooms. Select a couple of meaningful pieces of art and let the rest of the bathroom do the talking!


When it comes to decorating your bathroom with art, there are quite a few things to consider. We hope this guide has been helpful. 

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