Visual art and poetry are two of the oldest art forms — with humanity’s earliest civilizations tapping into these magical forms to investigate the human condition.

Art and poetry are inherently interconnected, as each of them come out of a deep and necessary desire for the artist to make something new out of the familiar.

We walk through life distracted. For most of the day, we are exclusively reliant on our senses to give us information about our lives.

But art and poetry work towards a more profound understanding of existence. By capturing an experience in a concentrated way, both forms work to achieve a balance between the spiritual and physical realms.

In this article, we’re investigating the time-old relationship between visual art and poetry! Join us on a journey through art history.

Artists and Poets Shared Understanding

Bourgeois ostentation by Pablo Salvans

Throughout history, artists and poets have worked together to cultivate art movements.

Art and poetry aren’t just related, they are necessary building blocks to push art forward.

Take the surrealist movement, for example.

Poet Andre Breton sought to activate the unconscious mind through imagery and associations. Breton wasn’t interested in intelligence and knowledge, he wanted to delve into a deeper universal knowledge provided by distant realities.

Breton’s poetry transformed what a poem could be. And with that transformation, he opened the door for a new artistic movement altogether.

Enter famed Spanish visual artist Salvador Dali.

Dali was famous for striking and bizarre images in his work, pushing into the human subconscious through juxtaposing images that weren’t necessarily supposed to go together.

As the surrealist movement progressed, art and poetry were virtually indistinguishable from one another in their importance.

Breton and Dali — using language and brush strokes — shifted the world’s understanding as to the nature of human consciousness. As a society, we were invited to think through a different lens and consider ourselves in a totally renewed light.

And surrealism is just one example.

The romantic movement was born through poets like William Blake, John Keats, and Edgar Allan Poe, and built upon by Francisco Goya and Caspar David Friedrich.

Transcendentalists such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson combined with visual artists such as Raymond Johns and Emil Bisttram to seek a deeper connection between humanity and the natural world.

All throughout history, poets and artists have been teaming up to revolutionize the way society interprets the world.

Without their influence, our society wouldn’t be challenged to think differently. It’s why supporting artists is so important — they drive our society forward.

Visual Art and Poetry In The Modern World

Hard Feelings by Bebe Wahyu

With so many forms of entertainment out there in the world today — from unlimited options for TV streaming to blockbuster Hollywood films to Youtube — sometimes it feels like poetry and art are forgotten art forms.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just as poetry and art have always built off one another, modern art forms call upon the foundations that poets and visual artists lay out for them.

Many movies and TV shows are still based on books — calling upon language to inspire stories that can be told on the screen.

Animation and graphic design is directly sourced from visual artists who are pioneering new forms of visual stimulation, especially when you consider the emergence of digital art in the modern landscape.

While the modern person’s attention span might not be equipped to sit down with a book of poems or take a period of time to deeply consider a piece of art, that doesn’t mean they the art they are consuming isn’t heavily influenced by the great artists and poets of 2021.

Artists and poets are still laying the groundwork for our world. And they always will!

How You Can Support Art and Poetry

The Shadow of Darkness – Yigit Dundar

In a world dominated by media distractions, recentering yourself with the foundation of art is a great way to reconnect with what makes us human.

Maybe it’s time to buy a book of poetry, and seek out the meditative state that comes with reading it.

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