Prints are usually another, more affordable, option for original works by artists of many different styles. However, prints are often underestimated and misunderstood as copies or posters. This art genre is becoming more and more sought after among people who’d like to expand their art collection, especially if their budget is smaller. Maybe you’re considering the print market as a new collector or have recently fallen for a print that you’re not sure if you should buy. Either way, there are certain questions you want to ask about prints that this post will answer as part of Gallerima Magazine’s “weekly fours”, where we give you four pieces of perspective every week that could help you on your art journey.
  1. What’s special about art prints?

Prints are original works that require an intricate and intentional process of transferring an image to paper in ways that allow the artist room to experiment more. To say that prints are merely copies of existing paintings ignores the fact that much of the work behind making a print involves amazing printmakers, fascinating experimentation and master collaborations.

The artist’s authenticity that’s embedded in printmaking goes unrecognized by the general misconception that prints are only reproductions. This misconception is also what leads many to assume that prints should all be low priced, not taking into consideration that prints are more than digital scans. Prints are just as an essential part of an artist’s work as other mediums and their purpose is far from just being a cheap alternative. Many times artists don’t feel like their paintings are completed without the additional prints that add value and depth to the entire project. 

We asked one of our talented artists to give us a peek at the amazing process of creating one of his popular original prints. You’ll find that it only takes 30 seconds to be completely mesmerized:

2. How Do You Style Your Space With Prints

Prints actually add amazing details to your home, they can even be statement pieces if you live small. They can be just as eye-catching, exciting or inviting as a painting or sculpture. Either hang a print on your wall or store it – but always be wary of its condition. Prints are delicate, breathing pieces that need the right protection and attention. Framing them is an essential rule to make them last longer. Because prints are more affordable than paintings, you have more ability to decorate your room or workspace with a large range of them. Don’t back away from displaying a collection of multiple prints in your space that are all in conversation with each other on some level – whether that be through color, shape or motif. Combining different prints on the same wall to form an artful design is a brilliant way of giving any room its own fascinating character.

3. What Are The Different Types Of Prints?

There are some main types of prints out there. One of them is relief printmaking, which indicates cutting away a design from the surface and covering it with ink to create an image on the paper it’s placed on. Woodcuts are one of the oldest forms of relief printmaking, if you want to see the brilliance that could come from a woodcut process, check out the limited edition “Istanbulby one of Gallerima’s talented artists.

Another type of printmaking is lithography, which was invented in the late 1800s. The artist who uses lithography draws on either a stone or metal plate with a greasy substance so that the oil-based ink roller sticks to the areas when it rollson the wet plate surface. The paper then runs through a press that picks up the ink from the plate, creating the print. Abitazione a Corte” is a beautiful example of the respected work of lithography, made and signed by Gallerima’s artist Primo Piano. Digital printing is the most popular printmaking process today that involves printing a digital image to another surface through laser or inkjet printers – Hand Study” is one of our many gorgeous digital prints on Gallerima. Other types of printmaking are intaglio and serigraphy (screen printing). 

4. Where Can I Buy Prints?

Thought you’d never ask. There are many amazing places to buy prints from, from print auctions to print galleries. Or, you can choose a one-in-all gallery with a wide selection of splendid art including prints: Gallerima When you collect prints from our website, you’re not only investing in stunning pieces by established and emerging artists, you’re also getting them for promising prices that can easily rise in value with time.

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We hope this guide inspired you to diversify your collection knowing that prints are unique, historical and original work in the art world. To learn more about this topic, check out 5 Things To Consider Before Buying Prints Online. Don’t forget to look out for more interesting topics on Gallerima Magazine!