If you’re looking to buy photography online, you’ve come to the right place.

In 2021, you have access to photography portfolios from artists around the world — making the art buying experience more exciting and diverse than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to buy photography as an investment or for decorating your home, this article will give you all the information you need to know before setting out on your buying journey.

You’ll come away with ideas for how to use the online art marketplace to its fullest advantage, so that you can find the best photographs that provoke emotion for you and your guests.

Why Buy Photography Online?

Laundry Day by Ilvy

Online art shopping has revolutionized the art industry for the better.

There are many reasons to buy photography online — the leading factor being that it’s a win-win for both you and photographers.

When you buy photography online, you empower artists to get their work out there to a larger audience and keep a larger percentage of the profits rather than buying from a traditional gallery — where gallerists usually take up to 50% of artist earnings.

No matter what style of photographs you’re looking for, they’re available for a convenient buying experience right at your fingertips.

Gone are the days where you have to comb through art galleries to find that truly unique piece to add to your art collection.

And by buying through a reputable online art marketplace, you can be assured of safe and secure transactions through an escrow system that ensures you don’t pay for a piece of artwork unless you’re satisfied with it.

Safe, convenient, and endless options.

A better question might be: why wouldn’t you buy photography online?

Types of Photographs

Kid And Hat by Juancho Everman

Photographers use different methods to develop their photos, each holding a particular style that helps to bring the image to life.

Gelatin Silver Print: This method is most commonly used for developing crisp black and white images. Using a gelatin mixture to bind the image and silver together, artists value this method for producing rich images — even though the materials involved are rather expensive.

Daguerreotype: This method is the earliest way to develop prints. Photographers use a silver-coated copper plate sensitized with iodine to cultivate a classic, timeless style.

Albumen Print: This process involved using an egg white to adjust an image on a proper negative while being sensitized with silver nitrate. The albumen method was especially popular in the 1800s, and artists still value it today for producing a soft, sepia-toned effect.

Chromogenic: Also known as a Digital C-Print, this method is used for the vast majority of color-based prints. During development, the silver image is bleached out using colored dyes for emulsion, leaving only the dyed image.

While you certainly don’t have to be an expert in types of photographs to find one that is truly stunning, it can be helpful to have even a vague recognition of the techniques used by the artist to better understand the story they are attempting to tell with the image.

What to Look For As You Buy Photography Online

Route 1 Youssef

As you set out to browse photographs online, there are a couple things that you should keep in mind.

Limited Quantities: Are there a limited number of copies available of the photograph you are looking to buy? Limited releases are usually considered to be more valuable because once they are sold out, no more can be reproduced. Especially if you are looking to buy photography online as an investment, this is a key factor to consider when it comes to value retention.

Artist Bios / Art Descriptions: Is the artist reputable? When buying photography online, you should always be able to find:

●     An artist biography / statement

●     Information about the artwork

●     The story behind the artwork

●     Customer Reviews

If any of these key elements are missing, you might want to investigate further. The last thing you want is to fall victim to a social media scam — which is why we always recommend using a third-party online art marketplace to ensure outstanding transactions!

Artist Styles: Once you’ve discovered a photograph that strikes you, dip deeper into that artist’s portfolio to discover similar works. In many cases, artists tend to work in specific and unique styles that are genuine to their own creative process. Even if you only end up with one work from that photographer, you’re likely to find inspiration as to what to look for as you continue your search!

Conclusions: Where to Buy Photography Online

Bongbong by Ilvy

While there are certainly benefits to a seemingly endless supply of photographs in the online art marketplace, sometimes it can feel like a daunting task to scour the entire web for authentic and original pieces.

That’s why we recommend starting right here at Gallerima.

We take pride in connecting dedicated artists from across the globe to meet your needs. When you buy photography online from Gallerima, you can be assured that:

●     Artists have been fully vetted for quality and originality.

●     Artists will receive their deserved share — we only take half of what a gallery charges.

●     If the photograph you ordered doesn’t meet your expectations, you don’t pay for it. You can send it back using our escrow system and never be charged — no questions asked.

We hope that this article has been helpful as you begin your search to buy photography online.

And always remember — art buying is fun! You’re about to introduce a truly stunning photograph into your home, and support an artist while doing so.

What could be better?

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